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+ - Ligatt Security, Gregory D Evans Compromised->

Submitted by PlasticCap
PlasticCap (1988774) writes "Gregory D. Evans, the questionable information security personality, and his company, Ligatt Security International, have been compromised. The attackers obtained Gregory's inbox and other information, including the password to his Twitter account, then put that data inside a 4.5 GB 7Zip archive and created a torrent of it. You may remember Gregory from when he released a book, "How to Become the World's #1 Hacker," which largely plagiarized actual respected security researchers, their own books, and their websites."
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Disney-Hulu Deal Is Ominous For YouTube 133

Posted by Soulskill
from the business-models-are-for-wimps dept.
Hugh Pickens writes "Dow Jones reports that Hulu scored a big victory when Disney agreed to take a nearly 30% stake in Hulu and put full episodes of its ABC TV shows on the site, enabling users to see shows like Lost, Scrubs, Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives for free. Disney views the move as a way to reach a new audience that isn't coming to the network's own website. Although the website has attracted regular viewers of its shows, Hulu offers the opportunity to tap into a new group of viewers. Now Google is under mounting pressure to add more professional content to YouTube in order to attract more advertisers. According to Dow Jones' Scott Morrisson, the equity structure of the Disney-Hulu deal suggests that content creators want greater involvement in online distribution than Google has offered with YouTube. 'Content providers don't want to give (YouTube) content because the advertisers aren't there yet,' said Edward Jones analyst Andy Miedler."

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