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Comment: Don't forget hidden costs (Score 5, Insightful) 191

by i_hate_robots (#45682377) Attached to: Why Cloud Infrastructure Pricing Is Absurd
Every time I read these types of articles, I feel like implementation cost is always ignored. Sure, maybe I get some extra compute for my dollar here, or some extra memory there, but how long did it take to integrate this solution using a given vendor's APIs and services? How easily can I script scale-up and scale-down policies? How effective are those scaling policies at actually saving me resources and money? I think this is kind of an old-fashioned way of calculating infrastructure pricing - it's more complex than just pricing out servers that happen to be somewhere else. Major caveat, however - it's awfully tough to calculate some of those intangibles accurately enough to put in a whitepaper...

Comment: Re:actually, no (Score 2, Informative) 150

by i_hate_robots (#44697355) Attached to: New Zealand Bans Software Patents
I understand having strong opinions about Mueller, but if you read his argument I think he is making a valid point in this case, which he backs up with the actual text of the bill (so it's probably not 100% inaccurate). As commenter raymorris pointed out below, all this law states is that adding "on a computer" to a process doesn't automatically make it a new patent. It doesn't broadly and completely abolish software patents in general.

Comment: Re:multi AZ? (Score 1) 176

by i_hate_robots (#41733539) Attached to: Amazon EBS Failure Brings Down Reddit, Imgur, Others

They do. Plenty of people do. The problem is that these EBS failures always propagate across availability zones no matter what Amazon says.

Do you have any evidence of this? Because I haven't seen any. And it sounds tin-foil-hat.

Because you have no hard experience of what multiple availability zones practically means in Amazon's infrastructure.

Actually, I run a load-balanced, redundant site on AWS. I ask the question because Multi-AZ (as defined by AWS) means geographically different, as in US West (in Oregon) vs US East (in Virginia) - NOT just the difference between US-East-1a,b,c,d (which Amazon makes very clear are in the same data center). That's why it's odd that Virginia's issues would affect Oregon (or any of the other AZs) Try being helpful next time and answering the genuine question instead of smarting off because you can't get on reddit.

Comment: Re:Low Availability? (Score 2, Informative) 176

by i_hate_robots (#41733445) Attached to: Amazon EBS Failure Brings Down Reddit, Imgur, Others
Multi AZ IS "completely geographically separate zones" and yes, you can specifically define which ones. Amazon is very clear that US East 1a,b,c,d are all the same physical data center. However, West is not. It's in Oregon (as opposed to VA for East) I've seen no evidence that true Multi AZ instances (as described by Amazon) are down. If you've got some though, I would be interested to see it because I would be pretty concerned.

Comment: multi AZ? (Score 3, Interesting) 176

by i_hate_robots (#41732781) Attached to: Amazon EBS Failure Brings Down Reddit, Imgur, Others
An honest question, why don't these large, big-name sites utilize the Multi Availability Zone failover that Amazon offers? It seems these AWS outages make for good headlines, but shouldn't any large site be co-located in multiple physical locations to ensure uptime? If they WERE using Multi AZ, or there is some other technical reason why it wouldn't help, I'm really curious to know why...

Comment: Alternative to Boy Scouts? (Score 0) 754

by i_hate_robots (#40438693) Attached to: Are We Failing To Prepare Children For Leadership In the US?
Someone mentioned Scouting as an organization in America teaching these same skills. I was a cub scout as a kid, never a full fledged Boy Scout, but I'm curious - is Boy Scouts of America the only such organization for this sort of thing? I'm curious if there's a non-religious version. And yes, I think the Boy Scouts is basically an Evangelical organization.

Comment: why so angry? (Score 0) 635

by i_hate_robots (#33067700) Attached to: Nuclear Energy Now More Expensive Than Solar
Even if everyone here is grumpy and always wanting to argue, isn't this ultimately GOOD news? I think the point here is that the cost of solar is falling. Even if nuclear is currently cheaper as an end-to-end solution, cheap solar is a great trend. If solar energy continues to fall and become more competitive, I would certainly rather utilize that than worry about what to do with spent nuclear fuel, all things considered.

Comment: Re:Penny Arcade Charity (Score 0) 416

by i_hate_robots (#29679567) Attached to: What To Do With a Free Xbox 360 Pro?
Ahh I was scanning this thread to make sure someone mentioned this! Child's Play is an awesome organization that really does a lot of good, and this is exactly the sort of donation they are looking for. The above poster forgot the link: www.childsplaycharity.org The web site gives you all the details, including how to get a tax receipt, etc. Brighten up a sick child's Christmas this year!

Comment: amphibians (Score 0) 1127

by i_hate_robots (#27561671) Attached to: Worst Working Conditions You Had To Write Code In?
I once spent a summer at a folding table in the basement of a steel mill writing java code that needed to interface with a Sybase application server. On at least 3 occasions I witnessed a frog hop across the concrete floor from an external door toward the server room, then under that door. Makes one question a lot of things.

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