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Comment: another non-story (Score -1) 68 68

I saw IBM demonstrate this with redundant hard drives about 15 years ago. They ripped out a failing drive (out of six) and the others "healed" the database without even much of a pause in availability. Then they popped in a new drive and the data was redistributed. So now a chip with built in redundancy can bypass damage, but without allowing for the bad section to be replaced. FAIL.

Comment: Re:Hire government workers on H1B visas (Score 1) 353 353

by Sterculius (#43078217) Attached to: UC Davis Study Concludes H-1B Workers Neither Best Nor Brightest
This is a great idea. We should apply it to all politicians as well, including the President ... we will have to change that pesky Consitutional thing about the President being born in the U.S. ... but Obama wasn't really born in the U.S., so it isn't like we enforce it anyway.

Comment: free market (Score 4, Funny) 286 286

by Sterculius (#43077915) Attached to: Microsoft: the 'Scroogled' Show Must Go On
In a free market, Google is allowed to use their customer's personal information in any way they see fit, and the magical hand of the free market will punish Google if they do something wrong. So if Google finds out by reading your Gmail that you are cheating on your partner, and they extort money from you, that is just free market capitalism at work -- nothing wrong with that. By the same token, Microsoft is allowed, by the free market, to characterize Google in any way they see fit. After all, these are big corporations. The free market dictates that they can do anything they like, and so can their customers. Everybody is free, the market is free, and in the end the world is perfect and everyone is rich and happy.

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