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by haaz (#47076171) Attached to: Goodbye, Ctrl-S
I'm a Mac user, you insensitive clod. And it's funny, but continual saving by a recently purchased Chromebook prevented me from losing anything when due to its hyper-frequent crashing. It's a defective unit, nothing to do with Chrome OS. Suffice to say that soured my slight migratory experiment; I'm typing this on my trusty MacBook Pro.

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by haaz (#46967217) Attached to: Milwaukee City Council Proposal Would Pave Way For Uber, Lyft

Milwaukee alders are very powerful in their community and on the city council. What's different here is that Milwaukee is the largest city in the state. It's the state's economic driver. So what happens here has resonance.

What may not be so different is that here, the taxi scene is dominated by one company with a de facto monopoly made possible by previous city action. Ald. Bauman is interested in expanding the choices available to consumers. Hence this action.

I serve on the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors. That body has been maligned so many times it's not funny. One of my colleagues was just elected as an alderman. But that's another story.

Meanwhile, I've got this open data resolution that I'm working on...

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Milwaukee has a number of parallels to Detroit, but just enough differences that we are not, and will not be, the "next Detroit." Milwaukee is on the upswing. The city has a growing population once again, following its decline during the era of deindustrialization and urban-to-suburban flight. Milwaukee still has good bones, and as more people come here, they find it has a real vibrancy to it. We're truly blessed with a number of great local coffee roasters, including Anodyne, Stone Creek, Sven's, and Valentine, in addition to the ubiquitous Colectivo (formerly Alterra). Pabst, Schlitz and Miller made Milwaukee a beer capitol, and now we've got fantastic microbreweries, Lakefront Brewing, Milwaukee Brewing Company, St. Francis Brewery, and the crowdfunded Brenner Brewing Company. There's five colleges and two major universities within city limits, and a great publicly-owned international airport.

Milwaukee's Green Corridor along S. 6th Street is our sandbox for sustainable development. Among many attributes, it has the world's largest slab of water-permeable concrete, which was made part of the stormwater containment system that runs a beautiful stream and provides water for the on-site community gardens. A food hub is being developed just across the street from there, and we're showing true green development is replete with benefits.

The 20th century saw Milwaukee's first apex, and we're building toward a larger, more sustainable one right now. I'm thrilled to be part of it.

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Before Hurricane Katrina, fuel prices followed a predictable rhythm, where gas was cheaper in the summer and diesel was cheaper in the winter. After Katrina, it all went to hell, and pretty soon everything was US$4 a gallon. Diesel has crept back up to that or higher, so even though I still get 42-45 mpg, it still costs plenty to fill up. And I think it blew away the ROI calculations.

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About eight years ago, I was addicted to the idea of biodiesel. Loved it loved it loved it. Got a VW TDi just to eventually be able to run biodiesel in it. The mileage was great. Still is great, as I still have the car. But the cost of maintenance has lessened my interest in having it.

To be fair, part of it is problems that I've brought upon myself. I didn't listen when they said "after doing this upgrade, UPGRADE THE FUEL INJECTOR AND THE EXHAUST, or you will pay thousands in repairs." To be fair, I wanted to verify their claim. Which proved to be true.

If that weren't enough, part of it for me will be the cost of repairing body damage, which was not caused by the upgrade in HP/torque that I had done a few years back, but rather a side-effect of the car crash that I was in thirteen years ago (as seen on Slashdot!), which shredded my left eye and wrecked my depth perception. (Tight turns in and out of my garage are a bitch.)

That's got nothing to do with diesel vs. hybrid. It's all about my vision, or lack thereof. But take into account that at least with the TDi, you need to get synthetic oil, and religiously have it changed. You'll need a new fuel filter each year -- North American/European ppl, do this in October. And there at long last, the infamous VW ,,Elektriksystem nicht funktioniertin" problem is creeping in on my car. Or maybe the right headlight really is burned out. Either way, it's getting time to move on.

So now, I still want a car with great mileage. And I'd like get an American car, a UAW car. The Ford C-Max hybrid is of interest, as it satisfies both interests. Even if the mileage may not be all that it's billed to be. And the looks aren't all that great either. But, what can you do? Perhaps -- maybe -- deal.

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