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Comment You can typically get *some* data back... (Score 3, Informative) 148

CryptoWall/CTB-Locker/Cryptolocker (or whatever the variant's name is this month) seems to have difficulty with or is rather slow at getting to data stored in the container for the Volume Snapshot Service. For businesses that do not allow their users to run as administrators (or have them elevate from a privileged account), they can typically restore a reasonably recent snapshot of data folder by folder using the Previous Versions option.

If the user is an admin, I've found that the window for recovery using VSS is smaller, but certainly better than nothing. Network shares should be restored from backups or VSS from the server (if Windows). I haven't figured out what to do with flash drives quite yet....even most data recovery software doesn't find much since the files are never really erased, just overwritten with encrypted copies.

Comment Re:OK (Score 4, Informative) 66

...right out of the AirPort Extreme manual?

To set up your AirPort Extreme using a Mac, you need the following:
A Mac computer with an AirPort or AirPort Extreme Card installed to set it up wirelessly, or a Mac computer connected to an AirPort Extreme Base Station with an Ethernet cable to set it up using Ethernet

To set up your AirPort Extreme using a Windows PC, you need the following:
A Windows PC with 300 MHz or higher processor speed and a compatible 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g, or 802.11n wireless card to set it up wirelessly, or a Windows computer connected to an AirPort Extreme Base Station with an Ethernet cable to set it up using Ethernet

I own several AirPort Extreme/Express devices...range and performance are just as good as other premium consumer-brand routers and access points. I have several Extremes sitting in an 802.1x environment...rock solid reliability and performance. If I had one complaint, it would be that the radio is a bit a quiet room, you can often hear a tinny squeal when under load.

Comment Hooked one good... (Score 1) 246

I had one of these guys playing around in a Windows XP VM for about 45 minutes. They're clueless and can't deviate from what appears to be a line-by-line script. He never noticed the VMware Tools task tray icon, never noticed the VM services, didn't notice that it was pretty much a box clean of all typical user data.

They want to almost always connect to your PC via Ammyy Admin (which has/had a pretty nasty vuln that allowed YOU to take over THEIR PC).

Comment MXM...meh (Score 1) 359

Apple had used MXM II and MXM III slots/cards for several years in the iMac. Like with the MacBook/MacBook Pro line, they've moved the iMac to a soldered GPU solution as well.

With the way Apple crams components into notebooks less than an inch thick, I can't really see an MXM slot being possible. The thickness of the logic board, MXM card and thermal plate for the GPU die on my iMac is thicker than my 2011 MacBook Pro.

I completely agree that Apple should explore replaceable GPU options, but they're not gonna be able to get it done with the current MXM standard.

Comment Re:pfsense (Score 1) 193

I've been using pfSense for the last 3 years or so and really love it. pfSense just by itself isn't the best solution for Wi-Fi, but combined with APs or routers in bridged mode loaded with Tomato, DD-WRT, OpenWRT, etc, you can do a lot with it. Include managed switches with VLAN support, multiple NICs and you can nearly run an entire infrastructure off of it.

The captive portal has been improved since 2.0 and received a lot more features with the recent 2.1 release. There is also support for plugins that greatly expand the capabilities of your pfSense box.

Comment Re:No problem here (Score 1) 266

Have a friend with a 4s and iOS 6.0.x that has some kind of background process keeping the phone from going into standby. The standby and usage timers are the same and the phone only gets about 8 hours of use.

I'm wondering if some misbehaving apps or mail/sync configurations are keeping the phone awake. Something in the iOS 6.1 update could be causing a similar problem for some of those who update.

Both my iPhone 4 and wife's 4s seem to be relatively normal since the 6.1 update.

Comment Old PC + pfSense (Score 1, Interesting) 172

Why not install pfSense on an old PC (Pentium 4-class is more than enough) with a couple of NICs and the FreeRADIUS 2 module? Put the APs in bridged mode and set up 802.1x authentication.

If you didn't want to use self-signed certs and a private CA, your only cost would be for certificate purchases/renewals. The cost is negligible if you count your staff IT hours as costing you nothing.

Comment Re:What's the impact of those new viruses? (Score 1) 183

On a system that you do not wish to format, you can use TDSSKiller from Kaspersky Labs to remove the MBR hook and the data in the TDL4 partition (if the system still boots). Kaspersky Rescue Disc or Windows Defender Offline are pretty good at detection from bootable media on a system that does not boot.

From there, you can use pretty any Linux Live CD loaded with GParted to re-merge the TDL4 partition with the partition next to it. TDL4 typically carves out space for a partition containing its own custom encrypted file system and loader files between 1MB and 8MB in size. Just be careful that the partition is a TDL4 partition you're removing and not a diagnostic or EFI partition from your manufacturer.

Comment Re:What's the impact of those new viruses? (Score 3, Insightful) 183

I'm still finding systems with infected MBRs and hidden partitions loaded with TDSS.tdl4. How old is this rootkit now?

I think these AV companies need to figure out how to properly clean/repair a system that has already been compromised before trying to play the cat and mouse game with the malware developers. I find AV software far more useful if a late detection can be removed/repaired rather than have it sit on my system for years undetected.

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