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Comment Re:Much simpler approach (Score 1) 425

The condensed advice I heard was: 1) Eat food. 2) Not too much of it. 3) Mostly vegetables.

A bag of chips or ice cream isn't really food, it's entertainment for the taste buds. Not saying we should never eat it, but if see it as entertainment -- and there are benefits from being entertained and a price to pay for it -- we are less at risk of being harmed by it.

Comment Re:Many things are fundamentally unknowable (Score 1) 225

I think fundamentally unknowable means "in principle". Maybe there was a drone that recorded your friend's crash and the video may surface in 100 years. Whereas unknowable in principle is e.g. anything from the Uncertainty principle, e.g. if you know the momentum of the electron you cannot know in principle its position. Or, you as a person cannot know in principle if what you are experiencing -- seeing, touching -- is "really" out there. (You can be fairly confident that it is, that you are not dreaming, drugged etc. but can't know it in principle.)

Comment Re:Why are so many moving away from the GPL? (Score 1) 208

Argue the principles all you want, reality is people are moving away from GPL (esp. v3). Maybe GPL did help spread Linux and all the great tools better than MIT-style license would have, maybe it didn't, impossible to tell. Question is what do you do now. If you have too many people leaving, something is likely in need of a fix.

Comment Re:Oh good. (Score 1) 154

It's the latter -- I defer to the the Internet when I need to make snap judgements on inconsequential things.

This being the Internet, it sounds like Android is more tricky, the names I keep hearing from the Android world are Samsung something or other, LG and so on, Nexus isn't on top of that list in my recollection.

Comment Re:Oh good. (Score 1) 154

Ah no I'm sure battery is like the rest, I meant personal energy draining. :-) Malware, updates, things not working... my impression is that Android is high maintenance compared to iOS, though you get more flexibility. Windows phone seemed like it would be a nice balance -- doesn't restrict things like iOS and doesn't require vigilance like Android.

Comment Re:Oh good. (Score 1) 154

As one potential customer I can say it's true for me. I have an iPhone4S, could do with an upgrade, I don't want Apple anymore because for the money I have to pay for it I'm sick of not being able to download files (pics/music) to and from the phone easily (and I will *not* install iTunes on my PC, and don't want to buy any content from Apple), Android seems like an energy draining mess that doesn't just work, I feel like I'd be happy with a Win 10 phone but I expect I'll run into wanting some apps that are iOS or Android only and will then regret being stuck with a Windows phone. So at the moment I'm not buying anything.

Comment Re:Just do it (Score 1) 123

I read that YCombinator startups that do AI do not like job candidates who have interest in machine learning -- they want good programmers interested in solving a problem, where AI happens to be a means to an end. So maybe the best thing to do would actually be to quit your day job and get a job at a place that does AI and hires regular programmers!

Comment Re:The tech was never important to me. (Score 2) 97

Even if the tech were as accurate as the traditional tech, how would you know that you are interpreting the numbers meaningfully? My understanding is that the (accurate tech's) reading is informative mostly if it's very high of very low compared to some statistical range, and only if analyzed by an expert on the lookout for other patterns -- and possibly only if the patient is feeling unwell. E.g. if your tests show that you have high cholesterol but are feeling good, is your health bad? And on the other end, if you have high cholesterol and take statin drugs so it gets lower and you "pass the test", could the drugs have affected something else not measured by the set of tests you used?

I think the Theranos device, if it worked, is a bad idea, it would get more people to become obsessed with numbers that even science, let alone lay people, don't quite understand.

Comment Re:Light sabre! (Score 1) 57

No military would make a light saber -- and you'd need military grade technology for it -- since as a weapon a light saber is quite ineffective, a guy with a 19th century handgun is more dangerous than a guy with a light saber. You'd rather put the huge energy needed for it into action at a distance. Psychologically, The appeal of lightsaber is purely archetypal, it being a sword.

That said, maybe a tech like this could lead to retractable light blade that looks and glows like a light saber, without any cutting or melting power or solidity behind it. That would actually be even better since anyone could have it.

Comment Re:The real problem (Score 1) 240

Exactly right! We as a society should only care that the weak are protected -- misfortune can happen on anyone -- and not that some people have yachts while others only have a crappy car. Or even that some people have yachts while majority have crappy cars, with few people in the middle who drive SUVs.

Protect the weak and let the rich be as rich as they can.

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