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Comment: Re:wow (Score 1) 140

by i41Overlord (#37143182) Attached to: DARPA Hypersonic Vehicle Splash Down Confirmed
It was launched on top of a rocket that brought it up to Mach 20. That isn't anything new or exciting. They lost contact with this aircraft and it's presumed to have crashed. When you're thousands of miles over the Pacific Ocean and your vehicle breaks, a "splashdown" is not difficult at all. In fact it's about the only thing you're going to do! Also, I'm not sure why people are getting excited about this hypersonic glider that has a 100% failure rate. The Space Shuttle was a hypersonic glider that successfully landed over 130 times.

Comment: Re:Hmmm, don't really like the guys tone (Score 1) 473

by i41Overlord (#34331126) Attached to: Xbox Live Enforcement — No Swastika Logo

There's nothing cool about swastikas, even for Hindus (it's a sacred symbol after all).

By that same logic, you could say that there's nothing cool about crosses, even for Christians (it's a sacred symbol, after all). Yet many people are proud to display their sacred symbol.

Comment: Re:Inquiring minds want to know... (Score 1) 166

by i41Overlord (#34177838) Attached to: Steve Ballmer Reveals His Secret Twitter Account
That's actually a bit misleading. Sure, Microsoft has been selling operating systems and office productivity products for more than 25 years. But Windows 7 and Office 2010 haven't been out for that long, so you can't imply that Microsoft isn't introducing new products. They have a couple of really popular brands and they're going to continue leveraging those names as long as they can.

Comment: Re:What are you doing to get on the IPv6 train? (Score 1) 282

by i41Overlord (#33952350) Attached to: NRO Warns They Are On Final IPv4 Address Blocks

The truth is instead of spending energy trying to hold afloat a sinking ship, it may be time to start putting the gang-plank out to that shiny new boat that can take us the rest of the way.

But what if we used 1/2 the money to turn that old boat into a submarine? Then instead of "sinking", it would be utilizing a new feature.

United States

Low Levels Expose Mysterious Objects In Salt Lake 45

Posted by timothy
from the folk-of-the-fringe dept.
nilbog writes "KSL TV Reports that record setting low levels in the Great Salt Lake have revealed some mysterious objects (not to mention nearly 1,000 square miles of new 4 wheel drive terrain). One item is even described as a bomb, and many items are still unidentified. A lot of the waste is thought to be from a nearby airforce base and might even be dangerous. Hey, might be a good place to acquire materials for your next backyard project!"

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