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Comment: Re:don't fall for this, hacker suckers. (Score 0) 212

by i-linux123 (#36091368) Attached to: Sony Encourages Linux On Their Phones
They have several boot modes. Here's an example: The first one is an unlock code, the second type has restored my phones even when they refused to boot due to errors during the flashing, I'd say that is bricked if it fails half-way during the flashing and the phone doesn't boot anymore.

Comment: Losers will lose (Score 0) 3

by i-linux123 (#35842782) Attached to: This Tech Bubble is Different
Losers will always lose. Can't we just let the idiots that accept overvaluations lose all their monies and go on like nothing happened? Someone's got something to gain by this tech bubble hype, and it won't be YOU. Just let the losers lose without causing a massive scene and a blow to the tech industry because someone thought those virtual farms composed of some pixels on your screen are worth money, or that those random "like's" on facebook equal to real data mining value. I am aware that what I say here will be lost like a drop of water in the ocean but mark my words; The sensationalist journalists that think "Tech bubble" equates to big headlines, will cause a huge blow to the rest of us in the tech industry. The rest of us that are literate already understand that the overvalued companies aren't really worth that.

Comment: Re:Hopefully this is a good thing (Score 0) 110

by i-linux123 (#35806478) Attached to: KDE's New Projects Take On Portable Devices
For sandboxing you just need the to run "sandbox somecommand" maybe with parameters.

There are GUIs for selinux, but I don't remember which because I avoid GUIs if possible, and there are tons of tools for it.

The idea with SELinux is that it's the developers of whatever app that should be providing policies and selinux booleans for fast configuration, so that the setroubleshoot GUI can directly display "This was blocked, run this line to allow.", and the sandboxing thing is already covered (As mentioned above).

For the IP traffic, it also has some labeling functionality for traffic, I haven't looked into that.

For comparison, we've all had to learn httpd.conf and other configs at some point too, it's just that users are afraid to touch SELinux in the first place.

Comment: Maybe nothing. Unlikely, however. (Score 0) 6

by i-linux123 (#35665250) Attached to: What happens when you are fined millions?
It may seem like a no-win situation on both sides, but here's how I think this plays out:

The one suing:
They're making an example of someone, and scaring off other people due to their oh-so-effective tactic.
Case publicity, all they have to do is put some outrageous number on the paper and others will report on it.

The person getting sued:
He is eventually forced to sell off anything of value and live on what they consider to be a minimum standard of living.
His life is virtually wasted, because lets face it, you can't do anything when you've only got money for food, and if one gets a better job or similar, then they'll only take more and the person is still in the same situation.

The more important question that never pops up because talking about debt is such a taboo: Is it right to sentence someone to life in poverty and psychological abuse if they didn't cause anyone harm or emotional damage?. From a debt-based economy's perspective that's a definite yes. Profiting on debtors is just another business.

Is it possible that software is not like anything else, that it is meant to be discarded: that the whole point is to always see it as a soap bubble?