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Comment: I got a couple games released... (Score 2) 234

I'm responsible for 2 very, very old games (Jumpman and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein for the PC) to be open sourced and released, but it's reverse engineered source code and not original. I contacted the original authors (although in the case of BCW, Silas Warner had passed away, but his widow gave me permission). These games had passed through so many hands by the time I got around to them that the rights had simply been lost to bigger companies who didn't even know they owned them. Not only were the rights gone, but the original source code was always long lost.

Hopefully someday the original source may materialize in some box of floppy disks in the back of a closet (see jordan mechner's recent discovery of Prince of Persia) but the odds of these things are so incredibly rare.

About all I learned was that this is tough to do, very time consuming, and it's easier to ask for forgiveness than to get permission.

Comment: put the insurance in the gas! (Score 2) 691

by hypethetica (#39363737) Attached to: UK Plan Would Use CCTV To Stop Uninsured Drivers From Refueling

how about jacking up the price of gas to buy insurance as you go? this would have the added side effect of making people think twice about driving 4 blocks to run an errand and buying giant gas guzzler vehicles. yeah, yeah, some issues about lawn mowers and such, but we could work out a system for that I'd think.

Comment: insurance at the gas pump (Score 5, Interesting) 411

I'd always thought it would be a neat idea to roll auto insurance in at the gas pump. No more uninsured drivers, plus it would be an incentive to reduce driving. obviously LOTS of holes in the plan, but it would eliminate the big brother aspect of this proposal.

Comment: Put an IDE controller in it! (Score 1) 533

by hypethetica (#28650387) Attached to: Getting a Classic PC Working After 25 Years?
Some fellow geeks and I are working on a *new* 8 bit ISA IDE controller for vintage machines just like yours.
Details are here:
It will be available toward the end of the summer, hopefully, and will allow you to install HDD's up to 137G! :)

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