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Comment Re: Facebook Is Down (Score 1) 448

"500 million users think so"...Wow. What a phenomenally pedestrian statement. "Gee, the masses like it, therefore it must be valid and useful!". Can you even stop to think for a second about other activities that 500 million people like? Are all activities that at least 500 million people participate in valid and useful? I think not. The argument that you are using to justify Facebook as being meaningful (based on mass appeal) is null and void.

Today's Children Are Officially Potty Mouths 449

tetrahedrassface writes "When the Sociolinguistics Symposium met earlier this month swearing scholar Timothy Jay revealed that an increase in child swearing is directly related to an increase in adult swearing. It seems that vulgarity is increasing as pop culture continues to popularize vulgarities. The blame lies with media, public figures, politicians, but mostly ourselves. From the article: 'Children as young as two are now dropping f-bombs, with researchers reporting that more kids are using profanity — and at earlier ages — than has been recorded in at least three decades.'"

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