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Comment Re:MS Windows != Every OS (Score 3, Insightful) 337

True, the fact that windows is bloated does not imply that all other operating systems are bloated. But the fact remains that they are.

There needs to be a differentiation made here between "features" in an OS that are required for it to function properly and can't be removed, and the additional programs provided by an OS maker/developer on the installation medium. Not to slam MS too severely, but one reason their future OS's are becoming to bloated is that they (IMHO) are trying to make all these features function on the majority of modern computers without requiring "add-on" software. Examples: firewall and antivirus programs. While I can chose not to enable those "features" in XP or Vista (so I've read), you can't truly uninstall or delete them. The continued addition of such features in MS OSs leads to this "bloat" and worse, because they're tied directly to the internal workings of OS, it inevitably creates additional security holes waiting to be found and exploited.

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