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Comment: globalization (Score 2) 93

Frankly I think all of this can be summed up in one word: 'globalization.' Unfortunately it doesn't consider the alternatives. The more connected the world is the faster things like disease spread and the more some deleterious event in one place can effect the rest of the world. Hacking isnt a threat, basing your civilization on systems that can break is, that has been true forever and always will be. The alternative is to live under a rock and have high mortality rates to keep the population down so we never leave the neolithic.

Frankly the article cherry picks a couple well known fears that people has and doesn't actually look at where the real weak points are in our current civilization. As others have mentioned, a stick of dynamite in the right place could easily result in further self destructive behavior above and beyond that we have already inflicted upon ourselves as a result of 9/11.

Comment: more clicks sucks (Score 1) 195

by hyperion2010 (#38571934) Attached to: Google Testing Completely Revamped Look

So I was cursed with a cookie to test this new shitty interface. All I have to say is that it continues Google's tradition of increasing the number of clicks it takes to get to anything important. I'm so fucking sick of having the number of clicks it takes to do something as simple as get to gmail or docs increase because some retarded interface designer ran some unrealistic user survey. GOOGLE: STOP INCREASING THE NUMBER OF CLICKS IT TAKES TO DO SOMETHING.

Comment: some math (Score 1) 124

by hyperion2010 (#37560956) Attached to: London Needs 70,000 Cells For 4G

If we assume that there are about 7 million people in london then that means that each cell serves about 100 people IF they all have 4g cellphones. For some reason this seems a bit off. Lets assume that adoption rates are 50% so that gives us 50 people per cell. 50*100Mb/s = 5Gb/s (assuming all users are mobile otherwise we are looking at 50Gb/s which is quite a load for a single cell but assumes that all the users are pulling the max data all the time). I'm not going to do the math for antenna space and bandwidth, but this [] PDF white paper seems to suggest that 200 connections per cell is about maximum. So, I'd say that their math is off somewhere even given reasonable QOS requirements and 50 concurrent users. Maybe they are defining London differently?

TL;DR bad math

Comment: where's the DOJ on this one... (Score 1) 556

by hyperion2010 (#35922184) Attached to: Apple: "We must Have Comprehensive Location Data"

So Google gets some wifi packets and the DOJ steps in. But because there is a contract here they aren't going to do anything? I thought there were rules about not being able sign a contract to sell yourself into slavery and the like in this country. Apparently something has changed.

Comment: All in. (Score 1) 501

by hyperion2010 (#35525636) Attached to: UN Backs Action Against Colonel Gaddafi

Does anyone remember what happened last time someone bombed Gaddafi? Ya, 3 tons of C4 were send to N. Ireland. There is a good reason why France and England are currently getting ready to drop bombs as we speak. This resolution means that it is all in for many western powers. They kill him or they are going to be saddled with a whole lot more state sponsored terrorism.

Comment: just ignore WBC (Score 1) 744

by hyperion2010 (#35254512) Attached to: Anonymous Goes After

Anon would do alot better to just remain silent about this and systematically remove all reference to Phelps et al from the internet. The only reason they keep it up is because of the attention. If you ignore them and erase their existence from the media it doesn't matter what they say, no one will hear them and they will be like a kid throwing a tantrum in a soundproofed padded room where no one is watching and no one cares.

Comment: we need more engineers in more places (Score 1) 151

by hyperion2010 (#35017256) Attached to: Engineer Designs His Own Heart Valve Implant

This is the take home message of this whole article:
Golesworthy believes that projects such as this demonstrate that the interface between engineers and the rest of the world isn’t functioning in the way it should. ’When it does function, huge advances can be made in a very short time period, on very little money,’ he said. ’We have changed the world for people with aortic dilation and we have done it on a fraction of the cost.’

Comment: idiot author (Score 1) 489

by hyperion2010 (#35011224) Attached to: Four Outrages Techies Need To Know About the State of the Union

The author of this is an idiot. He may have said something reasonable in the rest of the article but:

"First, if Americans are traveling in volume via high-speed rail, then those systems will need as much security as air travel."

Anyone who thinks this is a fucking idiot and needs a strong dose of Bruce Schneier.

Comment: that word dogma... (Score 1) 196

by hyperion2010 (#34168850) Attached to: Central Dogma of Genetics May Not Be So Central

Should have tipped you off that there were going to be quite a few exceptions. Whether there is 100% fidelity is another question altogether. Furthermore you need to know what portion of those RNA transcripts are actually being translated into protein and whether different variations in sequence are correlated with the relative rate of translation etc.

Comment: fuck caffeine (Score 1) 500

by hyperion2010 (#34148816) Attached to: I drink too much...

I gave up on caffeine intake over a year ago and let me tell you, I have felt about 1000x better. These days a single cup of coffee is enough to give me the shakes and make me feel sick for three hours. That shit is bad for you. Stick to the ethanol, at least you have an organ that can properly break it down.

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