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Comment: why is this even a thing? (Score 2) 141 141

Seriously, who cares? Poor starving artists don't get paid? Then they should sign for better royalty rates. Spotify/apple/pandora does not set the rates which artists get paid. That's all up to the record labels and the artists who have contracts. There's the whole other mess associated with the government approved collection agencies which only gives money to member artists. If you create something and it's played seldomly and it's not part of any big label, then fat chance you'll see even a penny.
The idea isn't to give starving artists any extra money, it's to give the copyright holders even more cash through streaming.

Comment: what tech would i want in my house? (Score 1) 557 557

cat 7a in every room
faraday cage in every room.
biometric door locks in every room
Solar panels with hydrogen energy storage (split water during the way, combine at night for energy).
Underground storage for cars
Intruder detection system
Unlocked honeypot rear entrance for intruders
Intruder elimination system (gun turrets, tasers and gas)
building super structure to withstand bombs
Underground base via elevator
Secure wet lab
Manufacturing setup via 3d printers
Underground secret submarine bay
Backup fusion reactor for power

Comment: Re:They already have the technology (Score 1) 294 294

I'm saying that the technology has been around for years and that other systems have it fully automated. Even if it's not fully automated in other areas, they have speed control in place which would have prevented the Amtrak problem and others having to do with questionable speeds.

Comment: They already have the technology (Score 1) 294 294

It's called positive train control.
All that stuff you see with automation? Yeah, there are lots of systems out there that are tried and true.
Why doesn't amtrak have it? I'm sure it has to do a lot about $$ and the unions pushing to not have it. It's the first step towards train automation.
There are many more simplistic systems which have it and it's working fine. Many trams are all automated for years and the concepts are the same. They usually have the ability to keep the driver/operator/engineer (PR terms for train drivers is very odd) optional for the system to override it if necessary.
Sounds like everything is still very manual and very little progress has been made in the past 30 years to bring them up to the 21st century.

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