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Comment: Re:advocating nuclear (fission/fusion) is an IQ te (Score 1, Insightful) 218

by hypergreatthing (#48171909) Attached to: Fusion and Fission/LFTR: Let's Do Both, Smartly

screw you. Fusion has the potential to fuel all energy needs and future ones with minimal waste. How do you plan on creating solar panels with no energy? it costs a mountain of coal/gas/oil to produce. Solar has some big issues involving night time, scaling and expanding to meet future needs.

How will you launch rockets using solar? You won't. You'll never reach that level of energy production. You can with a fusion reactor.

Comment: Re:Mars has no magnetosphere (Score 2) 549

It isn't about making it nice here. It's about putting all your eggs in one basket. One major natural accident or man made nuclear war or asteroid crashing into the earth can kill humanity. Time and time again if you look at the history of the earth there are terminal periods in which most of all the life vanished in a relatively short time and then after millions of years replaced with something else. We don't want to be that species which dies out. We need to expand to ensure the race's survival. This should be the biggest push for our own survival. Instead no one is considering the long term goals like this and just want to make it nicer for themselves when they're alive now. Short term thinking will lead to disaster.

Comment: Re:What happened to the core-wars? (Score 1) 105

by hypergreatthing (#47855917) Attached to: Intel Launches Xeon E5 V3 Series Server CPUs With Up To 18 Cores

Yeah but these server chips aren't for gaming. Typically to put in that many cores and keep that amount of TDP, you're going to make sacrifices. Specifically in top speed. You may have 18 cores, but they're definitely not running at 4ghz like the i7-4790K. Try more like 2.7ghz. For gaming, single threaded performance is still king.
Also for gaming, it's fairly rare today to be cpu locked (cpu being the bottleneck) and instead being the graphics card, memory bus, etc.
These cpus are first and foremost used for virtualization/servers, then multi-core/threaded apps like 3d rendering, video editing, etc. The focus on server components is on stability, not tweaking performance.

Comment: Re:What happened to the core-wars? (Score 1) 105

by hypergreatthing (#47855739) Attached to: Intel Launches Xeon E5 V3 Series Server CPUs With Up To 18 Cores

i think you can get up to 8 cores in a standard desktop.
These are server cpus. You can put a server cpu in a desktop pc, but these xeon cpus can be found in single, dual or quad variants. The price for one of these 18 core cpus? I figure it should be around 2800$. The motherboards for these will be around 500$. It's not something you'll normally see on someone's desk.

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