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Comment: Re:Not about consumption, but about sales (Score 1) 532

by hypergreatthing (#47332239) Attached to: NYC Loses Appeal To Ban Large Sugary Drinks

It's not about health.
The big problem with all of this nonsense is that according to the law/rule/whatever certain companies were immune from complying.

For instance, the local mom and pop store could not sell a 44 ounce soft drink, however the local 7-11 (convenience store) could sell it without any problems.

Talk about corruption right from the start.

Comment: Re:As painful as it is... (Score 1) 552

if she has higher brain functions then she's not a vegetable. It might take a long time but there's a chance of recovery.
The brain stem takes care of physical movements and automatic movements.
She's in a stage where she's basically paralyzed from the brain down. I'm sure there's some research and tools that can help her. Probably first problem with communication.
Here's something promising:
Maybe instead of an animal a robotic prosthetic arm/hand.
There's some brain mouse thing i remember seeing:
Here's a commercial one that won't break the bank:
I'm sure there are others like it. Get the communication part down first, then go from there. Don't give up hope.

Comment: Re:Pff Good luck (Score 1) 281

Even with access, it takes a lot of know how to get what you really want done on the forms, even diving into vba.
There are fields who only access excel, and there are many levels of expertise within excel from macros to vba to complete what you're trying to do. Someone who's not familiar won't be able to use it. Zero experience in databases doesn't mean they can't learn the basics to support it.

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