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Submission + - Netragard Ends Exploit Acquisition Program After Hacking Team Breach

Trailrunner7 writes: Netragard, one of the small number of companies that buys and sells exploits, has shut down its exploit acquisition program in the wake of the HackingTeam breach.

Among the revelations in the cache of documents leaked after the attack on HackingTeam was information about Netragard selling an exploit to the Italian maker of intrusion and surveillance software. The HackingTeam documents also showed that the company sold its products to a variety of customers associated with oppressive regimes, including Egypt and Ethiopia. In the last, HackingTeam officials had denied that they dealt with such customers, but the leaked emails and other documents from the attack earlier this month showed otherwise.

Now, CEO Adriel Desautels said the company has decided to end its exploit acquisition program altogether due to the ethical and political issues it involves.

We’ve decided to terminate our Exploit Acquisition Program (again). Our motivation for termination revolves around ethics, politics, and our primary business focus. The HackingTeam breach proved that we could not sufficiently vet the ethics and intentions of new buyers. HackingTeam unbeknownst to us until after their breach was clearly selling their technology to questionable parties, including but not limited to parties known for human rights violations. While it is not a vendors responsibility to control what a buyer does with the acquired product, HackingTeam’s exposed customer list is unacceptable to us. The ethics of that are appalling and we want nothing to do with it,” he said in a blog post over the weekend.

Submission + - How women can succeed in open source and change the world->

An anonymous reader writes: During this year's Red Hat Summit in Boston, Mass., FOSS advocate Stormy Peters spoke to the annual Womens' Leadership Luncheon on creating effective change in our projects so that we can all help save the world.

"I had a manager a long time ago who got really frustrated with me," she began. "He said, 'You can't save the world.' I said, 'Yes, I can.' We're all here to save the world. We're in this industry to make a difference."

"I've been in open source software for a long time now," she continued, "and there was a time I didn't think we'd fill up a room like this," explaining that when she went to her first open source conference in 2001 in Copenhagen, the woman working the registration table looked up at her and exclaimed, "You're a girl!" Ever since then, she's worked to talk to the other women at conferences, thinking of that woman who didn't have others like her at that event.

Depending on the source, the percentage of open source contributors who are women is somewhere between 3-9%. There's also a significant energy around the subject of women in the industry right now. "Now is our moment to take that number and make it bigger," Peters said.

She gave three reasons why it's important to do so.

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Submission + - Data Breach: Ashley Madison Hacked (Canada's Avid Life Media) Your thoughts?->

An anonymous reader writes: The Impact Team has demanded Ashely Madison shut down it's website. They have released a sample of about 40MB of personal user data. They claim to have 37 million users data, personal records including secret sexual fantasies, financial information and addresses. Their demands are to have the sites completely shutdown.

This information could be of value to scammers and other hackers who can use it for blackmail and other nefarious purposes. I have my doubts this intrusion was for the ethical reason Ashley Madison promotes adultery? What are your thoughts?

We reach a lot of ethical issues with a hack of this nature. Do the cheaters deserve to have their lives exposed? Surely most people will question the morals of the websites existence itself, unless of course you are an avid user.

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Submission + - Google boasts that YouTube is now more popular than cable as viewership soars->

An anonymous reader writes: During Google’s recent earnings conference call, Google chief business officer Omid Kordestani said that YouTube is now bigger than any individual US cable network when it comes to attracting 18-49 year olds, advertising’s most sought after demographic.

Despite YouTube’s apparent inability to generate much of a profit, the popular video sharing site has seen user engagement metrics skyrocket in recent months. Speaking to this, Kordestani relayed that viewers are spending more time watching YouTube videos than ever before. Year over year, the amount of time users, on average, spend watching videos is up an impressive 60%. Underscoring this tremendous growth, Kordestani added that this is the fastest growth rate in viewing time YouTube has seen in over two years.

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Submission + - Ashley Madison Hackers Threaten Release Of All Data Unless Site Closes->

heretic108 writes: According to KrebsOnSecurity, the infamous Ashley Madison affairs hookup website has been hacked by a group calling itself The Impact Team. This group are demanding the immediate and permanent shutdown of Ashley Madison, as well as a related site Established Man, or else they will publicly release all customer personal data.
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Submission + - Hacking Team and Boeing Subsidiary Envisioned Drones Deploying Spyware->

Advocatus Diaboli writes: The plan is described in internal emails from the Italian company Hacking Team, which makes off-the-shelf software that can remotely infect a suspect’s computer or smartphone, accessing files and recording calls, chats, emails and more. A hacker attacked the Milan-based firm earlier this month and released hundreds of gigabytes of company information online. Among the emails is a recap of a meeting in June of this year, which gives a “roadmap” of projects that Hacking Team’s engineers have underway. On the list: Develop a way to infect computers via drone. One engineer is assigned the task of developing a “mini” infection device, which could be “ruggedized” and “transportable by drone (!)” the write-up notes enthusiastically in Italian. The request appears to have originated with a query from the Washington-based Insitu, which makes a range of unmanned systems, including the small ScanEagle surveillance drone, which has long been used by the militaries of the U.S. and other countries. Insitu also markets its drones for law enforcement.
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Submission + - Class Action Against Sling Media filed.->

DewDude writes: In case you missed it; Sling Media has been forcing advertisments in to video streams from Slingbox devices unless you pay for a client application; which is only an option for Apple, Android, and Windows 8 devices. Well, it appears as the issue will now head to the courts as two plaintiffs have filed a class action suit against Sling Media, which claims they participated in "bait-and-switch" tactics by charging users for the hardware, then monetizing the streaming of that content. The suit also makes the point that Sling does not own the rights to the programming they are inserting advertisements in.

As a former Slingbox evangelist; Sling's position on the advertisements has been to silence and block users who complain about the practice and has driven me away from not only wanting to use the technology, but recommending it to others.

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Submission + - SPAM: FBI Surveillance from planes

hydrodog writes: The FBI has been using planes to track criminals, but the AP is reporting that they are carrying cell phone monitoring equipment that can track everyone below them. The planes are also registered to various fake companies.
[spam URL stripped]...

A spokesman, Robert Hoskins said that the FBI is not trying to do any kind of broad surveillance. That, I suppose, is the NSA's bailiwick.

Submission + - First trailer for scathing Scientology documentary 'Going Clear'->

An anonymous reader writes: The scathing Scientology documentary by Alex Gibney that’s based on Lawrence Wright’s book created quite a stir in Park City last month for taking on the controversial organization and claiming many bombshell revelations about the group’s history and tactics. The film features interviews with former members of the controversial organization who describe widespread abuse and intimidation from the upper echelons of the Church’s power structure. The Church of Scientology has even sent up an online response center devoted to taking on the film.
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Submission + - A123 Sues Apple for Poaching Employees->

An anonymous reader writes: Electric-car battery maker A123 Systems is suing Apple in federal court for allegedly poaching five employees to help it develop a competing battery business. The suit accuses the workers, including A123’s former chief technology officer, of breaking noncompete and nonsolicit agreements. The news adds some credibility to rumors that Apple is getting into the automotive market.
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Submission + - Revenge Porn King Faces At Least Two Years In Prison->

jfruh writes: Hunter Moore, the infamous creator of Is Anybody Up, a site that posted nude photos that had been pilfered from people's email accounts, is facing prison time. He pled guilty to unauthorized access to a protected computer for private financial gain, and will serve a minimum prison sentence of two years in prison. But the legality of the act of posting nude photos online without the subjects' permission is still up in the air.
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Journal Journal: Triplanetary 1 1

I've uploaded a new book to Edgar E. Smith was a well known science fiction writer known as "the father of space opera", and Doctor Smith was a food engineer in his other life. The novel I've uploaded is Triplanetary, first published in serial form in Amazing Stories in 1934.

Some of the dialogue is a bit juvenile, but it would make a great movie.

"You're a creature of the night, Michael. Wait'll Mom hears about this." -- from the movie "The Lost Boys"