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Comment Re:pros and cons (Score 4, Insightful) 443

"[The F-35] wouldn't be parked on the tarmac waiting for a time when CAS in needed with uncontested skies."

Based on its performance so far, it would be parked on the tarmac because of something like the wings falling off when it got dark, or the engines turning themselves off whenever the pilot tried to arm a missile.

Comment "We'll just put the tip in", CNSC promises (Score 1) 165

Having fired former Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission head Linda Keen for refusing to compromise on safety, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper replaced her with one of his seemingly-inexhaustible supply of conscienceless, obedient drones.

I'd be entirely unsurprised if the commission concluded the most important consequence of brushing one's teeth with plutonium dust would be a whiter smile.

Comment I gotcher expectation of privacy right here... (Score 1) 258

"City councilman Johnny Khamis dismissed such criticism: 'This is a public street. You're not expecting privacy on a public street.' "

Somebody equipped with a good-quality DSLR and a very long lens should follow this creep around for a couple of weeks. I'm sure they could assemble a lovely mix of video and still photography showing Khamis picking his nose, reaching into his pants to adjust his dick, pulling his underwear out of his crack and ogling pretty girls (or pretty boys) when their backs are turned. Maybe they'd even get lucky and catch him running a red light or breaking some other law.

I bet there'd be record turnout at the City Council meeting where a public delegation screened their video as part of a presentation on the importance of privacy.

Comment Get off my lawn... (Score 4, Funny) 199

"Newer galaxies are simply putting out less energy than galaxies did in the past..."

Just like them young kids today, by dammit! Always settin' around and playin' with them tabulets and why-fie-fo-fummery and smart phones smaller'n yer pecker after a dip in the stream.

A dumb phone that just set there polite-like and rang 'til you answered or hit it with yer shoe was always good enough for me.

Comment Launch from balloon (Score 1) 22

I wonder whether a weather balloon ride to the top of the atmosphere, then a rocket launch, could produce an orbit or two before reentry. The weather balloon would get up to about 20 miles, leaving about 70 or 80 to go.

It seems like a long way, but without a lot of air resistance...

Comment Kinda got one... (Score 1) 195

In a sense, I have a HUD. Over the years, I've found it invaluable. It's a good, old-fashioned GPS with a sucker-mount. My job involves a lot of driving on unfamiliar two-lane highways in rural Ontario. I keep my GPS mounted just below eye level to the left. It gives me my speed, the shape of the road just ahead, and it will pop up an actual point-of-view picture of some exits and entrances from larger highways. This is available to me without having to take my eyes off the road even for a split second.

It has saved me from at least a couple of accidents (probably minor, but you never know) and allowed me to concentrate on driving rather than trying to spot the appropriate turn-off. These often aren't marked at all, or have a sign the size of a banker's conscience...great for reading as you miss it on the way past.

That said, even just shifting my concentration from the road to the GPS and back did require a little learning. The most important (and safest) thing, though, is that my eyes are never entirely off the road ahead. In addition to keeping me safely on a road that may take some unexpected turns, this has certainly saved the lives of a large number of apparently suicide-prone wildlife and domestic animals. On a purely practical level, anyone who has ever hit something the size of a deer knows it's no laughing matter. Two of those idiotic creatures are alive today thanks to my "HUD". And so am I.

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