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Comment Re:Why is not itself a civil offense? (Score 2) 190

It would be just as you say it should in a world of common sense. Bullying people with lawsuits and using the justice system to do your bidding should be punished harshly. Specifically, the people responsible for this should be punished, not the company (i.e. just slapping them with a fine or with court costs).

However as it looks to me (disclaimer, I'm not from the USA), the US justice system is taking everything literally and specifically. For example, just this week someone was complaining that there is no specific law against online harrasment. Why should there be? Shouldn't there be a law against harrasment and have that blanket every possible medium?

Honestly, to me as an outsider, all these lawsuits about copyright, privacy, antitrusts, piracy and so on that I see in the news every day sound like an argument with a teenager. Just a ton of energy expended "explaining" to him something that he clearly understands but still doesn't want to accept so he keeps saying stuff like "nuh-uh, I was crossing my fingers when I said that, it doesn't count".

Comment Re:Eh? (Score 4, Informative) 70

Not really, heuristic analysis means looking for specific patterns in code or other data. Things like the program setting himself to start at bootup while deleting itself from the initial run location and so on.

What this guys does is divide the code in small pieces and comparing those. The thing is I know for a fact that AVs today already do that so unless he has some really smart way of analyzing those "structures" his research is too late.

Disclaimer: I used to work at an AV company and actually I used to work on the part of the product that does exactly what this guys does.

Comment Re:Success Seems Unlikely (Score 1) 94

I think it will be a great game. And if it's good enough that non-programmers will want to join it will get interesting because programmer will become the most important characters of the game. Everyone will need their help with programming and if something like trading programs for money/other stuff will be possible it might become really nice to play as a programmer.

Comment Re:"Flaw" allows us to be tracked. (Score 1) 81

Challenge accepted!

DeBeers, OPEC, all IT firms, all food/drinks chains
Zionists, Illuminati, jew conspiracy, mormon conspiracy
JFK inside job, 9/11 inside job, terrorism in general inside job
USA wants oil, europe is USA's bitch, USA doesn't care about selling out to china, Russia is too drunk to care
I dunno, I'm running out of shit to say but there you go

I'm not a journalist nor an anonymous coward so I guess I don't apply to your comment?

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