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Comment Re:Related article (Score 2) 95

This article is a good start. There are two things were it could improve.
1) They measured the site's total data size, but not the load time. Load time was estimated = size/bandwidth, ignoring latency, parsing time and data dependencies. Actual load time should be (much?) higher.
2) Strangely, they did not account for http compression, so they cannot have measured actual traffic size. This implies they did only measure uncached loads. Most people visit a news sitte more than once, so cached loads would be more relevant. On a cached load, scripts, design elements and other stuff does not need to be reloaded, only the advertisiing. This makes the overhead for ads relatively much larger. On the German news site, a cached load is 17% content data and 83% advertising and tracking.

Comment Re:Why would I help Google with 'open source'? (Score 4, Informative) 95

Just yesterday I measured data use of Germany's biggest gossip news site ( on my smartphone (Android 5.1 with stock browser), cached and uncached (browser cache cleared, browser restarted) with and without ad blocking (using AdFree host list). The phone was on Wifi / DSL.
Here's the result:
uncached load (first visit) with ads: 2.4MB data, 26s (!) until the display goes from white to some content
uncached load (first visit) without ads: 1.7MB data, 11s until the display goes from white to some content
cached load (second visit) with ads: 272KB data, 2s
cached load (second visit) without ads: 45KB data, 2s

Comment Re:What kind of dumbass company... (Score 1) 144

Your contract will be up in 2 years, and at 18 months, you will be offered a new phone with early renewal

That is soo yesterday. Today, I choose and change my contract as I like and buy the phone models I want at the time I want. There's no reason contract and phone(s) should be tied together.

My last contracts ran for 4 years (telephony only, no base fee), 3 years (telephony + 500MB data, 10€ base fee), and my current contract is 5€/month for 1GB LTE data, 50 minutes call time and SMS flat. I can switch contracts within 6 weeks if I find a better offer. Likewise, I bought an interesting Chinese phone model directly from China because it was not available here, and there's no way in hell providers would offer it.

Comment Re: Just go to Germany! (Score 1) 143

Surely, there are quite a few people enrolling, that aren't good enough. But they notice rather early, that it is not what they thought it would be (being good with computers is very different from informatics) or they realize they're just not good enough (*).

* There are mandatory tests each term. When you fail a test, you have to repeat it next term. When you fail a test the third time, you're not enrolled anymore and are not allowed to enter similar courses and any German college/university.

When I started university (informatics engineering), there were nearly 1100 clasmates starting with me that year. After one year, we were down to around 300, after two year there were 180 left. Around 160 finished within 6 years. I think this is quite extreme, and other courses have a better input/output ratio.

But in terms on money spent, it still is acceptable, because in the first two years, there's huge classes for all the basic stuff (math, basic informatics, mechanics etc) with one professor for all 300-1000 students. Most of the university personnel cost is spent afterwards in smaller specialized classes with one professor for 20-100 students.

Comment Re:Just go to Germany! (Score 1) 143

With free universities, many more people are able to get better education. People that are talented, but could not afford paying thousands of dollars a year for education and wouldn't dare to loan that much money.
When you give free education to those people, they tend to get better jobs. Companies can hire better employees, moving them ahead. Great people found new companies, creating more jobs. In the end, there are more taxes being paid by those people and companies, very likely paying off the actual cost of "free" universities.

Comment Re:A Clapboard (Score 1) 103

There may also be a need to adjust the speed of one track. I recorded a few songs on a concert with video from a compact digicam and audio from my smartphone (because the camera only records audio at 16kHz). When lining up the start of a song, at the end it was asynchronous by a few seconds. Audio was iirc 0.7% faster or slower than video, and this was the same for all recordings. I resampled the audio using Audacity before merging it with some video editor.

Comment Re:Still kind of expensive (Score 1) 43

Check out Chinese phones and shops, i.e. eFox.

Doogee X5 on pre-sale for $62 (plus S&H):
5.0" 1280x720 pixels, MTK6580 1.3 GHz quad core, 1 GB RAM + 8 GB flash, Android 5.1
5MP main camera + 2MP front camera, GPS, BT4.0
quad-band 2G/3G GSM, tri-band WCDMA

MPIE/Stacy G7 for $66. Only on Android 4.4, but with 2GB RAM and LTE.
5.0 inch 960x540, MTK6582 1.3GHz Quad Core, 2GB RAM + 8GB flash, Android 4.4
8MP main camera + 2MP front camera, GPS, BT4.0
2G/3G/LTE GSM (all LTE bands for Europe)

Comment Re:Some simple proposals (Score 1) 371

In the EU, 70% of all glas produced/sold ends up in recycling containers. In Germany and Austria it even is 90-95%. Although a huge amount of waste glass is avialable, recycling companies still PAY you for bringing large quantities of glass "waste" (10-20€/t for well-sorted clear glass). If it would be cheaper to make fresh glass instead of recycled glass, they wouldn't pay for it.

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