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Comment: Re:oh good... let's all bury our heads... (Score 0) 270

by humpy101 (#24575779) Attached to: Massachusetts Sues to Halt Defcon Subway Hacking Talk
See, what I don't get about this "stored value" thing is this - why is it necessary to have credit for every trip? Why can't the system total up each trip (therefore only needing an account number, same as ATM or store cards) then at the end of the month or quarter or whatever, send the account holder a bill? It works for your phone or electricity account right? What is the big deal with having to have already paid for your trip? Sure there will be deadbeats who don't pay their bill, but what you do then is cancel their card.
There. Solved the problem!!

+ - Microsoft's rights to trial software versions 1

Submitted by
humpy101 writes "I know that I'm pretty stupid, but I think that even Microsoft can top me. Recently I found an unopened copy of Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 lying around in my garage, and listed it on eBay for $10. Well after a few days it was removed, for "copyright violation". eBay as usual are no help, so I contacted the suggested address at Microsoft. After a few days I got back a two line email reply which in part read as follows: "Microsoft does not authorise the redistribution or sale of Beta or Trial versions of its software. Please refer to your End User License Agreement 'EULA" for the terms and conditions of use".
Is this legal? Admittedly I did not buy the software, it was given to me by someone — I forget who. Should I be pissed off, or do they have a right to do what they did? I mean the software is useless to me — I wouldn't run SBS in a pink fit — and it is in my possession, someone else might want it, so why shouldn't I be able to sell it? Would it/should it be different if I had paid full retail price for a copy off the shelf of my local store? I see other SBS listings in eBay, what do they do are they licensed resellers? Thanks everyone :-)"

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