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Comment: Re:My dire prediction (Score 1) 173

by human-cyborg (#35654410) Attached to: Ridiculous Software Patents: a Developer's Nemesis

Hopefully, if this is going to happen it will be a bit like Half Life 2 (except, perhaps, for the aliens).

I'm thinking more Blade Runner meets The Matrix. Except that they'll likely not trade software on Mini Discs. (Or maybe they will, who knows; I still watch movies on Laser Discs (and occasionally Videodiscs.))

Comment: Re:It's theoretically possible this'll never happe (Score 1) 70

by human-cyborg (#35371654) Attached to: Tractor Beams Are Getting Closer (Sort of)

The former include interstellar travel, nano-assemblers, immortality and brain uploading. The latter perpetual motion, time travel, antigravity and anything faster than light. Anything in the first category you can hope will, one day, be achiveable... even though it may take centuries of advancement.

Let's hope either immortality or at least brain uploading is one of the first ones then.

Comment: Re:Say what? (Score 1) 532

by human-cyborg (#34765140) Attached to: Unwise — Search History of Murder Methods

"reverse the polarity of a swimming pool"
"likening the result to the 4th of July"

You know, it's like crossing the streams.

People think the pool fence law is because it's an attractive nuisance, but really every pool has the potential to instantaneously stop all life as you know it and explode every molecule in your body at the speed of light.

Comment: tags: business idle bank dress fashion story (Score 1) 212

by human-cyborg (#34617386) Attached to: Swiss Bank Has 43-Page Dress Code

I'm a nerd, and this does not matter to me. Nor is it news. Nor is it that outlandish. I've seen phone bills longer than that, and with far less whitespace and fancy, full-paged graphics introducing each one-page section.

I don't care that this is idle. I just don't care.

Seriously, what the hell

Comment: WAIT, WHAT?! (Score 1) 968

by human-cyborg (#34487206) Attached to: Google Wants To Take Away Your Capslock Key



However, I can see how using an auto-caps mechanism would improve the quality of comments. Perhaps an auto-grammar and auto-don't-be-an-ass mechanism too while they're at it.

(Again, written without using the caps lock key.)

Since we're not all in steno-pools using typewriters to create paper-based forms anymore, perhaps it is time to retire the Caps Lock.

Comment: Re:Important fact missing from summary. (Score 1) 225

by human-cyborg (#34422374) Attached to: Denver Bomb Squad Takes Out Toy Robot

At my parents house, after years of erosion, a small plastic toy figure started to show itself embedded in the concrete step of the front door. I used to poke at it as a kid, trying to expose more of it. It obviously got scooped up in the gravel that was used to make the step. Or was it...

My god, I could have been sitting on a bomb all these years!

*hysterically calls 911*

Comment: Not quite HVAC (Score 1) 402

by human-cyborg (#34101734) Attached to: The temperature where I am now is controlled by...

I noticed my office was getting a little cold, and the thermostat didn't seem to have any say about the actual temperature in the room, so I did a little investigating and found that the hot water lines to the air heater boxes were shut off. Not wanting to just turn the valves open again (maybe they're off for a reason, maybe because of the corrosion around the drain valves), I mentioned it to maintenance.

A couple months later they started a $21 million refit project of the building's heating and air system. When they came 'round to my room I figured, "Finally, I'll have some heat." They came, they went, and now I have two bundles green wires sticking out of the wall where the thermostat used to be.

So now, even if I were to open up the water lines, I'd still have no heat, since the vacuum lines were disconnected, and the control valve is stuck in place. And there's still air flowing through the ducts. Nice, unheated outdoor air, which I can't shut off. So the system is not only not heating the room, but it's actually cooling it.

But at least I have a window. A nice large, barely insulated window. Go November.

Comment: Re:How long does it last? (Score 1) 603

by human-cyborg (#34062752) Attached to: Electric Car Goes 375 Miles On One 6-Minute Charge

The highest rated circuit breakers in my house cut off at 30A.

Did you check the really big one at the top of your circuit panel? I'm sure it's a lot more. You house does actually have 240V service, that what powers electric heaters, ranges, and dryers. The 240V runs over two wires, each running at 120V opposite phases. So when you take a voltage across the two lines, the difference is 240V. Wall sockets and light fixtures use one of the two wires, and the neutral, which causes it to have a voltage of 120V.

Just called my power company, and they said that a 200A service is common these days in newer homes. But you're right, and it's still not 3750A. Assuming (from an earlier post) that the battery can store 56.25kWh of energy, and a typical house can have a maximum draw of 240V * 200A = 48kW, it would take 1 hour 10 minutes to charge your car. Assuming that you have everything else in your house turned off :) They also have a 400A service in my area, so you could reserve 200A for your home, and 200A for a charging system. It's doable.

Comment: Re:How long does it last? (Score 1) 603

by human-cyborg (#34062402) Attached to: Electric Car Goes 375 Miles On One 6-Minute Charge

Actually, the ~600km range car was from Japan. The car in question now has a range of 375km. So 15kWh/100km would mean a battery capacity of 56.25kWh, or 202.5MJ as you put it. My current energy rate is 11.796 cents per kWh, so that's ~$6.64 to 'fill the tank'. Not bad.

Still assuming the 15kWh/100km, it would cost me $1.76/100km.

My first vehicle was a 1990 Ford Aerostar minivan (god I loved that thing). It had a 79L tank, and would get a maximum 600km of all highway driving, if I went easy on it. So roughly 13L/100Km *cough*. Noticed gas was sitting at $1.068/Litre this morning, so that would be $14.06/100km to drive it today.

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