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Comment Re:What a waste of money (Score 1) 54

Another me too. My borough Newham 'nearly' changed to Linux about 10 years ago. We need politicians and civil servants with a bit of courage and imagination. Of course, one or two of the first implementations will go wrong, but not 'wrong' like £6 billion odd that the Blair government wasted on the failed NHS project. I suspect that Corbyn will probably 'get' FOSS.

It's 'interesting' that this is marked 'withdrawn':

Comment I now buy very little from Amazon (Score 1) 396

I'm in the UK, have worked for a company that was taken over by Amazon. It was pretty horrendous, metrics, continuous tension and shouting. I wouldn't work there again, and, I won't be asked, anyway.

In addition, because of their tax avoidance and now this, I'm buying less and less from and looking for an alternative to EC2. I'm aware that this will cost UK jobs, but I feel that I don't want to see any company like this in the future of the UK. Shame, because it's an inventive company and doesn't need all this shouting and screaming.

Comment Boris the mophead, done good. (Score 1) 258

I'm a Londoner, not a big fan of Boris, the product of extreme privilege.

However the air is polluted in London [point a], many parts are medieval, twisty and narrow [point b], many journeys are a couple of miles [point c] and it's pretty flat in the centre [point d]. It's not flat in Hampstead, Muswell Hill or many places at the edges. So, as they say, two wheels good. People are getting killed by tipper trucks and we need this to encourage people onto cycles.

Comment Re:Internet Of Titans/things (IOT vs IOt) (Score 1) 123

Yes, agree. The other 'thing' is simplicity, if a sensor is remote, you need crash-proofiness [I made that a fuzzy set, nothing is 100% crash-proof]. That has never been a 'feature' of any version of Windows, complex with the 'wrong sort of complexity'.

Currently I use Arduinos and compatibles for remote sensors and Pi2 for things I can get my hands on [near at hand time lapse, the garden, the house]. Yes, I could go to tailor made, but I don't need scale currently, so off the shelf is fine. I am looking at Risc OS for the Pis at the moment, on the same basis of reduced complexity.

Comment Re: Sure you can. (Score 1) 492

That's basically a strawman argument. You've put mainstream use [text/program editor, surfing] up against a load of specialised tools [CAD, photo etc.]. FYI, I've had a Linux Mint desktop for about five years, I'm very happy with it. I'm not a gamer or a CAD person, I am a contract programmer, it's just a daily workhorse.

I'm expecting a lot of shilling and sock-puppetry in this thread anyway, money is at stake. Incidentally, from further up the thread, I'm 64, we have no problem with Linux because we started with Unix and derivatives, using the [makes air bunnies] 'command line'.

Comment Re:Critical thinking (Score 1) 132

Yes agree. I teach Code Club in the UK and [in spite of a 40 year attachment to computing, I'm what they call a 'sad person'] I was wondering about forcing code down unwilling young throats. However, in the UK, Computing at School: http://www.computingatschool.o... broadens the area out to show, for example, that you can decompose and 'debug' non-computing problems.

So I think this blended approach of 'code' and 'code thinking' is a good way to go.

Comment Re:NIH? (Score 1) 97

Yes, I agree. I've worked on/off as contractor for the BBC in the last few years. However, since I spend my time dissing them [without anonymity] I doubt that's still an option. The BBC seems to have whole departments labeled Wheel-Reinvention [Squarish Lab]. The last thing that went south was the Digital Media Initiative, after a multi-million pound failure this was renamed Don't Mention It.

That said, this thing is a brain-dead toylet [as opposed to toilet, a different, bigger, quite useful thing] born of Not-Invented-Here. I volunteer teach Code Club: and this just complicates matters as a distraction. It won't run Scratch [Raspberry Pi will] or the sort-of of processing [as I understand it] that the Arduino will. It's not a progression in any sense, can't take expansions [as can Pi, as can Arduino].

My 'hope' was that it would make a good wearable, but as I currently understand, it's not really good for that either. Lilypad is probably better. Like most Brits, I really value the BBC, but it has lost its way somewhat at the moment.

Comment Re:Well...introducing tele-slap [tm] (Score 1) 27

Last year, I invented an extra control that would allow me to slap Clarkson, assorted politicians, cakes I disliked on cookery shows etc. etc. I called it tele-slap [tm].

Implementation is proving a little challenging, nothing that £20m of frothy VC money won't cure though. Watch this space, but duck.

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