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Comment: Re:Who watches this crap? (Score 2, Interesting) 133 133

I have been coding commercial software since 2000. I worked as a teaching assistant for an introductory programming course in one of the top universities in my country.

I think these videos are awesome. One 2 hour video should be mandatory part of high school IT classes.

Every year, we used to get 2-5 people in our 700-800 people course, who do not belong. They are definately not becoming coders, they are in pain and shouting "IS THIS IT? IS THIS WHAT I HAVE CHOSEN? WHAT IS THIS SH*T?". Then they drop out or go on to pursue other study paths.

If they had seen a video about a coder in action, they would have quickly grasped the work they would end up doing in their careers. Young people seem to think, there is some sort of glamour in writing mobile games that they are blind to the reality of coding.

Comment: Re:Knowing when not to (Score 1) 345 345

Just make sure, you know how to use the advanced features, should the need arise.

I mean, I know a guy, who teaches physics and basic programming in a public school.  He thinks he writes great C++ code. He doesn't use  templates, virtualization, [insert favorite c++ function here] . He doesn't even use use classes. He just uses a C++ compiler to compile his code. Total coding mastermind, if we look at the things he does not do..

Comment: Good for the consumer? (Score 3, Insightful) 116 116

Yeah, right. Amazon is adjusting the average score from the average score to some propietary algorithm. Yeah, there are talks about tweaks and the marketing makes it sound totally reasonable.

Amazon sells products. Amazon likes to sell products. Products with higher rating sell better. Products with poor rating sell worse. Amazon would like to sell more products.

I can bet $1000 right now that the "average rating" is going to go up.

Comment: Free Windows or Free Testers? (Score 1) 281 281

The opt-in testing is a big question mark..

Home users get forced updates, like you can read here:

Who tests these updates? Are the "happy" Insiders unwilling test subjects? Will you just get notifications, like:
"Windows installed some potentially unstable updates on your computer. Please provide feedback and error logs before we release these to real users. Thank you for your co-operation."

Comment: The five bullet points (Score 4, Insightful) 355 355

1. C# Is a Great Language

me: Yes it is.

2. There's a Great Free IDE: MonoDevelop

me: Finding a decent IDE is not a problem anymore. You can find something for every language.

3. Mono Supports Mobile Development

me: So does Java and Swift. Why does EVERY article out there think you have to pick just ONE language and be stuck with that choice forever???

4. Mono Is Cross-Platform

me: Python, Java, C, C++, Ruby, and many, many more are all cross-platform, too!

5. Mono Powers Games Development

me: The guy is totally right. He has some great examples, too.
Please just don't think, that you MUST use C# to get into game dev. For example, you can have much faster prototyping with PyGame. You can really learn to code in Swift over a weekend, if you have mastered one similar language well.

My advice to you is: pick any language, become good at it. Just don't do VB.NET or I will have to kill you.

Comment: Re:The article is useless without benchmarks (Score 1, Insightful) 76 76

Benchmarks, we don't need no stinking benchmarks!

Seriously, benchmarks are only relevant for the high-end Fiji. It is the series you buy, because you like AMD and have too much money.If you have $500-$700 set aside for a new GPU, some random benchmark is not going to change your mind. You would already have Titan or GTX 980 Ti, if you wanted Nvidia.

Did you even look at the cards? I know clicking on the article is a big deal, but you should try it sometimes. HBM allows the Fiji series to be SMALL. I don't see this bulk you keep talking about anywhere. The only big thing is the hybrid cooler on the best model, but hey, look at the other cards..


And finally about the benchmarks, we should talk about "Project Rebrand", which is not Fiji. Same old R7 cards get rebranded to 300-series and you could just look at the specs, get the benchmark of the previous generation and be 100% accurate.

When ever sub$300 card is a rebrand, I really don't see anything to buy here.

Comment: Do the IT Pro Thing.. (Score 0) 479 479

Firstly, for an IT professional, you are kinda low on details. I am going to assume, you want better wifi.

In five easy steps:
1. Turn of NAT, DHCP and WLAN from your provided router
2. Put the provided router in bridge mode
3. Attach AirPort Express (or any other new router)
4. ???
5. Profit!

The problem you are facing, is that your provided router probably does too much work (in layman's terms) and heats up. Then it starts to break up.

Instead of mindless turning on and off again, why don't you just fix the problem and be done with it? Solutions, not more problems.

Comment: Where have all the Opterons gone? (Score 1) 108 108

Meh. Only five years ago AMD had very competitive products in the server range. Opterons were efficient and cheap.

I remember Windows Azure launching in Europe with mostly Opterons inside and Steve Jobs buying that capacity to launch iCloud.

The servers at my workplace used to run on Opterons, too. Then our provider changed to Intel (you could still get AMD, but you needed to pay extra) and eventual server upgrades lead to total disapperance of AMD from my previous company .

I am pretty sure AMD was not a single digit player in the server market back then.

Comment: Re:Subscription or no? (Score 1) 374 374

Only thing Microsoft said clearly, is that Windows 10 upgrade will be free for _that device_.

I am concerned, does my perfectly transferrable and valid Windows 8 license become one of those untransferrable OEM licenses, if I take the "free" upgrade? Do I downgrade my license at the same time?

No way I am using the same PC for the whole lifespan of Windows 10..

Comment: Censorship in the UK (Score 5, Insightful) 138 138

Don't you guys care at all?

First they started censoring child porn. This is totally acceptable, child porn is bad. Nobody dared to say anything.

Then they started censoring pirate sites. This was for the children also, I guess. People objecting these changes are mean pirates! Don't listen to them!

Then they started censoring youtube videos with "dubious" political agenda. When some people complained, it was "only an option to remove videos", blaah blaah blaah.

Now they are starting to censor books.

While there is still time, I suggest you read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and 1984 by Georgy Orwell. That should give you a pretty good picture where this is going..

Comment: Re:Finally a replacement (Score 1) 166 166

AMD processors multithread badly. The multithreading inside a module was terrible in Bulldozer and not much better in future generations. Shortly put: you have 4 "fast" cores and each of those cores is paired with a "slow" core. The scheduler doesn't really know, which core is fast and which core is slow and that results in poor real life performance - just look at any decent game benchmark!

Meanwhile, Intel is transitioning to 14nm process, while your processor still is still 32nm from 2012, and this intel of mine actually 22nm from the same year. These numbers might not tell you much, but the main difference to me is that my processor runs much cooler and requires less power.

AMD is way behind the competition.

Luckily, the slides had great bullet points, like "40% more IPC" and "14nm process". If those happen sometime in 2016, Intel might actually have to compete and produce better CPUs. Last couple of years Intel has heavily invested in on-die GPU , and speed gains are minimal. That is why 2012's tech is still relevant.

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