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Comment: Not correct (Score 1) 510

by hrath (#30523816) Attached to: Verizon Removes Search Choices For BlackBerrys

The summary of the story is not correct. I am a VZW Blackberry Tour user and after seeing the story noticed a new Bing icon had appeared on my phone over night. The browser still has Google as the default section, clicking on the Bing icon asks you to agree to some terms and conditions. As I didn't agree everything is still as before and I can use Google as my favorite search engine.

Comment: Simple workaround (Score 1) 431

by hrath (#14414673) Attached to: Your Cell Records For Sale Online, Cheap
If you are concerned that a call might end up in your cell phone log, why not call one of the calling card services (I've been pretty happy with from your cell? This way the only thing showing up in your cell-log would be the dial-in number for that service. This is also a useful tool if you have to call somebody back from your cell who doesn't accept blocked number calls and you don't want to disclose your cell #. Examples might be you have to call a customer/one of your sales folks back from your personal cell phone...


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