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Comment: Fan Cut of Star Wars (Score 1) 420

by hound3000 (#33257092) Attached to: Lucas Promises <em>Star Wars</em> on Blu-Ray in 2011

When do get the edition where all the shots are tagged, and the viewer is invited to re-cut the movie with the ability to add deleted scenes, delete added scenes, and generally try to prove what the fans have been saying since 1997, that they can cut together the ultimate version of Star Wars. They can release the version which gets the most votes on the next-next Star Wars release. I have seen more packaging for this series than any other, sooner or later, whoever holds the franchise rights will do this. George Lucas won't be running the show forever.

You don’t want to read the forums where Star Wars fans divide up into Sith vs. Jedi camps on allegations of vote-rigging the winning cut.

Comment: Re:7 to Vista is as SE to 98 (Score 1) 856

by hound3000 (#26680529) Attached to: Windows 7 To Skip Straight To a Release Candidate

Windows 98 to 98SE, was available as a free CD to some OEM customers, or you could buy the upgrade for about $20.

Windows 98 / 98SE to Windows Me, had a special upgrade Blue box that was available for about $49 for a limited time (I saw it around for about a year)

I would not be surprised, if Microsoft offered a discount to Windows 7 for Windows Vista users. Such an upgrade might only be offered online, and not make the retail stores. An upgrade for $49 to upgrade whatever version of Vista, to the comparable Windows 7 version (Home, Business, Ultimate) would go far to get Vista users to buy in.

However, if you want to look at it from another angle, Windows 2000 was v5.0, Windows XP was v5.1, I do not recall any special upgrade deal being offered, but 2000 was not marketed to Home users. Windows Vista is v6.0, Windows 7 feels like v6.1. There is nothing special about what Microsoft is doing here other than it is ten years later.

The real story to me is that Microsoft released a new version practically every year with the old Win9x series, and that stopped with Windows XP. They miss the giant revenue stream from yearly upgrades, as would just about any corporation on earth.

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