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Comment: Re:Low'ing price in face of competition not a "tri (Score 1) 265

by hoskeri (#30115932) Attached to: Free Software For All Russian Schools In Jeopardy

> You have to understand, slashdot isn't pro-Linux. Its anti-The Man. And at the moment The Man is Microsoft. Once Microsoft becomes an underdog people will sing its praises as they hate on whoever The Man is of the day.

I will believe that when I see people supporting SCO.

Comment: Re:Integrated Systems - no suggestion, just commen (Score 1) 200

by hoskeri (#30096324) Attached to: Microsoft Buys Teamprise, Will Ship Linux Tools

>> * Shelving - storage of not-completed changes on the server without checking in. We use it to share
>> suggestions and if we cannot make the daily deadline on consistent check-ins.

> Never used it. Frankly sounds like a hack; why not use a branch?

see git-stash(1). Does exactly that. shelve current work without committing it. I use it every day when somebody wants a bugfix in the branch I am working on, but can't commit yet.

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