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Comment: Re:Censorship should not be tolerated. (Score 4, Insightful) 228

by hort_wort (#48923491) Attached to: Facebook Censoring Images of the Prophet Muhammad In Turkey

Censorship should not be tolerated. Under any circumstances

If you went with your child into a rough neighborhood and that child started shouting racial slurs at everyone you passed, would you tell your kid to hush or would you just let him keep going on?

Comment: Patriotic to NOT watch it instead? (Score 3, Informative) 227

by hort_wort (#48668487) Attached to: Sony To Release the Interview Online Today; Apple Won't Play Ball

Kim Jung-un has:

* Inherited a position and country that was already hated.
* Behaved as expected of his culture.
* Never been known for harming anyone outside of his own country.
* Suffered insults in nearly every report about him for as long as he has lived.
* Had the majority of information about him relayed through South Korea, a hostile country.

My understanding of the North Korean culture is that the whole system works by deifying their leader. Propaganda is extremely important. With the world seemingly against their administration, it makes sense that things that trickled into their country would be highly censored. It would be stupid of them not to censor it since it could lead to unrest, civil war, doom, destruction, death, fire, lack of bacon.... and other bad things.

South Korea has already mentioned plans to take this film, put it on dvd, and float balloons across the border to incite rebellion in the population. By trying to prevent the movie from being distributed at all, North Korea is essentially trying to avoid anarchy caused by external propaganda.

Why are we so eager to overthrow their regime? Is democracy so sacred that we must ~force~ it on every country around the world? What business is it of the US (and Hollywood) to decide what is the best system? What they have there is what developed in that region. It is a system that won out over the infighting to unite their country. It might not fit our definition of "fair" for the population, but that's only our definition. It's our own view that we're extending upon them, a culture that has had to isolate itself just to keep together.

I for one will NOT be watching this film. I find the comedic insults of a leader and the trivialization of his death is in extremely poor taste, especially since he has done no wrong to me nor anyone I know. "Live and let live" is supposed to be a phrase that the citizens of the US are pushed to believe and follow, especially recently with anti-bullying and gay marriage. This film and the common national support for it spits in the face of that mantra.

Comment: Simplifying the scenario so far (Score 1) 580

by hort_wort (#48628167) Attached to: Reaction To the Sony Hack Is 'Beyond the Realm of Stupid'

Bully: "I've gathered up a bunch of people and we're all gonna make fun of you. And we're gonna get your friends to laugh at you and turn against you too."

Victim: "Why? I'm not bothering you at all."

Bully: "Because you're not like us."

Victim: "Well I like my friends. If you don't stop, then I'm gonna smack you."

Bully: "Oh! Oh... well, I don't wanna be smacked. Never mind."

Bully's supporters: "Hey hey hey, he's not the boss of you! Come on! We'll laugh at him with you! He won't hit you, he's bluffing!"

Comment: Re:This is why I only fuck other men. (Score 0) 216

by hort_wort (#48127311) Attached to: Oxytocin Regulates Sociosexual Behavior In Female Mice

"What is the difference between a man and a parasite? A man builds. A parasite asks "Where is my share?" A man creates. A parasite says, "What will the neighbors think?" A man invents. A parasite says, "Watch out, or you might tread on the toes of god..."

Quoting a character based upon the writings of a woman is the perfect way to end... whatever that was. Well done.

Comment: Re:Not just Reno (Score 1) 444

by hort_wort (#47888771) Attached to: If Tesla Can Run Its Gigafactory On 100% Renewables, Why Can't Others?

German consumers pay a lot of money to subsidize big corporations and manufacturers of solar and energy-intensive manufacturing is being outsourced from Germany. Is that what you want for the US?

As opposed to not paying attention and possibly screwing up the climate? Which may lead to billions of deaths as people scramble to readapt crops to new conditions? Yes. I think I can spend a few more $ a month for that.

The solution of this problem is trivial and is left as an exercise for the reader.