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Comment: Re:Fear mongering 101 (Score 0, Flamebait) 426

by horatiocain (#34336964) Attached to: Students Banned From Bringing Pencils To School

... little Roshanjam, the 9th son of Shaniqua...

You made all these good, rational points, but then sort of fucked your argument up with this part, which exactly illustrates that racism is still a problem. Which I guess just makes your post more insightful.

But seriously - please consider your racial bias here, and then ask if Shaniqua might be right about the system being racist.

Comment: Re:Hospital management at fault, not employee (Score 5, Informative) 319

by horatiocain (#29463591) Attached to: Spyware Prank Exposes Hospital Medical Records

1) How the hell was it possible for a hospital unit to have Windows on any of their computers in the first place? HIPAA compliance has been mandatory for many years now and there has been more than enough time to phase out Windows. Did you read the dozen EULAs for the Windows box and all its software and server hooks? For all service packs and CALs? Thought not. Neither did the hospital management. The woman is not at fault, the hospital management who signed of on the purchase or deployment of the Windows machines is the sole group to blame (excepting the sender of course).

I have an ugly truth for you - almost every hospital in the US uses Windows (95 through XP) for every single workstation. Every single Healthcare IT software vendor develops solely for windows (save a few web-based packages.) It's a very pure MS monoculture. I know, I know, it's sick. I agree completely with the above, but the emperor is threadless here.

Comment: Re:nightmares (Score 3, Insightful) 495

by horatiocain (#29292531) Attached to: Microsoft Pushes For Single Global Patent System

Those opposing patents and IP in general often claim that inventions would still be generated in the absence of IP protection, and that might be true for some inventions, while most require hughe amounts of R&D that simply wouldn't happen if the money wasn't there.

I think you might be hitting a 'reverse accident' fallacy here. Just because some inventions occured in the presence of IP protection does not imply that, in the absense of IP protection, nothing would ever be invented. Plenty of fields and markets thrive without IP entering into them.

There are conceivable models other than our own. Don't let the haters convince you otherwise.

Comment: Re:Oh, Those Dumb Police Officers! (Score 3, Insightful) 294

by horatiocain (#28932145) Attached to: First Ever Criminal Arrest For Domain Name Theft

If (haha) homosexuality was illegal and the duty of police was to arrest and imprison those 'mos, would they still just be doing their job? Or would they be signing up to do something wrong?

If I get paid to spam people, am I just doing my job when I spam your email? What if I get paid to write anti-Semitic propaganda? Would you say a certain type of person takes those jobs?

There is a moral imperative not to accept a job the duties of which are corrupt. That's pretty easy to understand.

Comment: Re:free books? (Score 2, Interesting) 153

but if I write a book, I want to be in control of where, when, and how it gets presented to the reader, at least initially anyway

See, this here sentiment - this pervasive idea of 'I want to control the data I create' - is just fucking crazy. If you don't think that it is an unnatural, unjustifiable hack to our system of ethics to teach people that they should be allowed to own information, just look at this statement and think of someone applying it to a knock-knock joke, a piece of gossip, a new translation of the bible, or a speech. It's just crazy, though maybe it doesn't seem it because we're used to it.

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