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Comment: Meccano to support CPU cooler. (Score 1) 186 186

I have an extraordinarily heavy CPU heatsink, of about 2 kg, that would tend to bend the motherboard, and maybe damage it, or lose close contact with the CPU because of it, so I have supported it with a Meccano support beam and suspension to a higher part of the case. So far, this has worked perfectly.

Comment: Meccano to support CPU heat sink (Score 1) 258 258

I have a heavy CPU heat sink (Thermalright True Copper) that could easily bend my motherboard with its 2 kg coppery goodness. To prevent that, I have made an extra support structure using Meccano. Luckily, the distance of the holes was precisely right for the support.

Comment: Re:United States of Europe (Score 1) 743 743

The USofEUis just the desire to become bigger bigger BIGGER MUAHAHAHAHAAH. The EU is even having longstanding plans to incorporate Turkey, while it is a theocracy where journalists who write critically about the government are 'vanished'... The EU is just a money game for people high up the asslicking ladder to have their asses licked more thoroughly

Comment: Re:I've avoided programming (Score 2) 220 220

You are the prerequisite for a programmer. I consider myself a fairly decent (although by no way expert) programmer, but I can do nothing when my machine is down. I do not understand about network architectures and various related problems. I need somebody to make my machine run smooth and nicely, and I can take it from there. But people like me are very grateful to people like you!

Comment: In law or not, makes no difference (Score 1) 1168 1168

No company wants to hire a muslim.

So an employer can either cite a law that allows the company to do this, when a muslim applies for a job, or, as was always the case before these laws, use vague arguments such as 'we have found an other candidate that better fits in the existing team' or 'an other candidate better fits the current company culture.'

So effectively, nothing changes, just the way it is motivated changes.

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