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Comment 60% tax (Score 1) 160

You automatically rank in the highest tax category as a freelancer. Of every buck you make, 60 cents go to the state.

You have to keep your own pension in mind, and let us face it, most programmers are not that good at selling themselves. While exceptions are there, once you start as a freelancer, you might start to appreciate those pesky sales droids a lot more.

Comment Re:Long Time Runner Here... (Score 1) 169

This! I have never understood people who bring their telephone along while running.
Really, do you want to be able to receive calls while training, or is one so addicted to whatsapp and similar stuff that it has to be used even while running?
Maybe useful to call in an emergency when I get into an accident... But that it a risk I take. In four years or running, I never needed to make a call while training.

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