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Comment COBOL (Score 1) 427

Learn COBOL? Job security 100%.

But it is nothing like all the 'modern' languages because it has hardly evolved. As a modern day well educated programmer, you will still need to make a few mind leaps to become a COBOL programmer, and as such it counts as obscure.

However, many banks still handle their transactions on mainframes with COBOL.

Comment Re:Complete list of electric car gadgets I want. (Score 1) 417

On the other, we live in the second or first most expensive fuel country in the world. It varies a bit. It is at an equivalent of 7 USD per gallon, and it is in a cheap period now. And modern engines are quite economical. A lot more so that older ones...

Comment Re:Complete list of electric car gadgets I want. (Score 1) 417

Alright, I would definitely not want my car to weigh in excess of a ton. Car ownership tax goes up exponential with weight here, and for a big 2 ton car, you are out of 1500 USD equivalent per year. 3000 USD for a diesel. And then you just have it parked in front of your home.

Comment Complete list of electric car gadgets I want. (Score 1) 417

Essential: powered steering, powered brakes, electric ignition, electric window wipers, proper lighting
Nice to have: electric window opening/closing, electric mirrors, radio, electric pump for spraying window cleaner liquid

I think that completes the list quite nicely. Did I forget anything? I do not think so.

Comment Re:Simple solution (Score 1) 175

There is already an annual dog tax here, which can be up to 128 euro (140 USD) per for one dog, or up to 331 euro (375 USD) per year if you have two dogs, depending on the city where you live. But the ticket for even walking your dog without carrying cleanup bags is 140 euro (158 USD). So we do both...

Comment Re:mine is super secure, ultra affordable. (Score 1) 373

No taxes. How nice!
But here, about 60% of fuel is taxes as well. We have to pay Greece, after all. :-(
And our government is working a on free-money-for-everyone-program... I shit ye not... On the other hand, while the US bridges are falling to pieces, ours are maintained very well.

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