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Comment: Re:I wish I could ride a bike (Score 1) 263

by hooiberg (#49145393) Attached to: I ride a bike ...
I have a bicycle trailer myself. Whenevery I shop for heavy stuff, I use the trailer. I have car, be I simply cannot always be bothered. I even once moved a refrigator over about ten miles with the trailer, while it could never have fitted in the car (I have a sedan car). Officially the trailer can carry up to 50 pounds, but I have encumbered it to three times that, without a problem. Also with a big back pak, I can easily move a week's food on the bike.

The only reason when a car is really useful is when it is best to arrive sweat-free, or when having to travel really long distances. Say more than 40 miles. I guess that perhaps in the U.S. average distances are bigger, so it becomes a different story.

Comment: No caretaker (Score 1) 687

My girlfgriend has taken care of her dying father from age 12 to age 25, when he finally died. This broke her youth, and is still, ate age 46. a heavy burden that influences her life daily.

In that light, I think the most important thing you can teach her, is not to be a caretaker for you. And even more important, not letting your wife talk her into becoming one.

Second, Teach her to do as much as she can with her mind . I lived with parents who believed that school is bad for children, and that children should play in mud in stead of going to school. Expecially my mother fought my development every step she got the chance. Because of that, it took me a ludicrous time to graduate. Teach her that school can be a positive influence in her life. That education is a good thing. That if she has the mental ability to enjoy the education she wants, she should definitely not refrain from doing so.

Comment: Re:"risks serious damage to the system" (Score 2) 138

by hooiberg (#49065773) Attached to: NVidia Puts the Kibosh On Overclocking of GTX 900M Series
If a customer of a fast food restaurant throws a cup of hot coffee over his or her lap, who is responsible?
If a woman puts her wet dog in the microwave oven to dry, who is responsible?

Now compare that to how a US judge what answer those questions.

I rest my case.

Comment: Re:But the price... (Score 1) 128

by hooiberg (#49045409) Attached to: Study: Smartphones Just As Good As Fitness Trackers For Counting Steps
I work as a programmer, so I know how buggy software usually is, so I do not have a smartphone. And I leave my mobile phone at home when I go out, just because I do not want to be reachable everywhere and at anytime. And navigating in unknown territory is a fun adventure without an electronic map. :-)

But I agree with you as well. Many people have a smartphone, so for them the expense for a fitness tracker would be less than a few hundred bucks. (unless they get a very high end running watch, but that is a different category altogether)

Comment: Re:Sunk costs (Score 2) 128

by hooiberg (#49037283) Attached to: Study: Smartphones Just As Good As Fitness Trackers For Counting Steps
If you already have a smartphone, the story is a bit different, I agree.

If you want a device that does a lot more, that may also be OK. But it makes sense only when you would also use all those features. If I would just like something that monitors my fitness, I would not be tempted to buy a device that can do a lot of other things as well. If I am looking for a chair, I will not buy a car, just because it is four chairs with a whole lot of extra stuff. And I would not like to take the time to get acquainted with a smart phone, while I could master a fitness tracker in a few minutes. But then again, that is just personal.

Comment: But the price... (Score 2, Insightful) 128

by hooiberg (#49036749) Attached to: Study: Smartphones Just As Good As Fitness Trackers For Counting Steps
But smartphones are a lot more expensive than fitness trackers. Moreover, they tend to be far more complicated devices. Moreover, they are quite big and inconvenient to carry along when practicing fitness. So, actually, they are not so good at all for this purpose.

Comment: Re:ZVox (Score 1) 249

by hooiberg (#49036563) Attached to: How good is your audio equipment?
That depends where you look in the range. You can safely assume hat 10k amps and ridiculous cables are obviously top high end. You can get an amp for 20 bucks at a low end store. Its quality will be shitty, but it that will be the other end of the range. I think many more people will have an amp below 100 dollar, than one above 1000 dollar, but that is just intuition that may be wrong.

Let us assume the scale to be logarithmic. Then, alright, 600 dollars is slightly above mid range. :-)

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