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Comment: Re:I've avoided programming (Score 2) 220

by hooiberg (#49400325) Attached to: How would you rate your programming skills?
You are the prerequisite for a programmer. I consider myself a fairly decent (although by no way expert) programmer, but I can do nothing when my machine is down. I do not understand about network architectures and various related problems. I need somebody to make my machine run smooth and nicely, and I can take it from there. But people like me are very grateful to people like you!

Comment: In law or not, makes no difference (Score 1) 1168

No company wants to hire a muslim.

So an employer can either cite a law that allows the company to do this, when a muslim applies for a job, or, as was always the case before these laws, use vague arguments such as 'we have found an other candidate that better fits in the existing team' or 'an other candidate better fits the current company culture.'

So effectively, nothing changes, just the way it is motivated changes.

Comment: Solar panels (Score 1) 226

by hooiberg (#49369653) Attached to: Chinese Scientists Plan Solar Power Station In Space
That is quite surprising, because China is one of the world's biggest manufacturers of solar panels, and has a lot of open area with a lot of sunshine. An much easier and much cheaper solution seems to be at hand. This makes me think that the orbital city-zappe... uh... I mean... solar power plant is not entirely what it appears to be.

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