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Comment Re:Money Matters, BUT...... (Score 1) 374

I agree with assertation, I just accepted a new position that I start at next week. While it does offer a pretty significant pay raise, what really convinced me to accept the position was being able to work from home, the position itself (the type of work I would be doing) and working in a team environment where everyone is working together rather then against each other. When you are looking at new positions, you should always look at the whole picture and not focus solely on the money.

Comment Use the right tool for the job (Score 3, Insightful) 421

Seriously, choices are always better. My tool (normal tools not software tools) contains two different types of hammers, two different wooden mallets, several different screwdrivers....... If you learn to use the right tool for the job, the different choices make since. If you are stuck on the mentality of "All I need is a bigger hammer" and "All I need is XXXX programming language" then you probably are not using the right tool for the job.

Submission + - Nokia Updates the N800 With Skype Support->

Novi Nuryani writes: "DeGadget reports,"A new update to the N800 running Internet Tablet OS 2007 Edition has recently been released by Nokia. The newest update includes Flash 9 browser support, Skype client support, 8GB memory card and offers better battery life. Furthermore, Nokia has improved the sensitivity of N800's touch-screen, this means it is much easier for you to work your way around the menu than before. The N800 also supports its own Real Rhapsody player". Feature upgrade is available for download now."
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