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by hobarrera (#46825149) Attached to: Not Just a Cleanup Any More: LibreSSL Project Announced

That's easy to say for python and other high-level languages, but a lot harder for something in C. Especially due to a popularity of non-POSIX OSs out there.

Also, even if you do what you say, you still target and test your own platform first, and only start making sure it works on others once you have it working. Or do you test your code on all your target platforms from day 0?

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by hobarrera (#46812023) Attached to: Joss Whedon Releases New Film On Demand

Dear fan,

I am sure that you can find many other entertainment content options that also cost significantly more than $5, especially among those available on the first day of theatrical release. Many of them also require you to get off your ass and go somewhere, rather than letting you enjoy your entertainment experience in bed, at home, on your tablet.

That doesn't make sense. Seeing it from home should be cheaper, since they don't need a huge cinema, lots of personel, cleaning people, rent, etc, etc. They just deal with server costs which a way lower.

So, yeah. $5. It costs that much because we think it's worth that much, and because we think that enough people will agree with that assessment to make this business financially viable. In a very real and tangible way "what people will pay" is very much "what something is worth", at least for dollars-and-cents pricing decisions.


Joss Whedon

P.S.: I'm funnier than Louis CK, so there's that, too.

Cinemas cost less in different parts of the world. Maybe in the US a cinema costs $5, but not everywhere. Heck, even an Imax is around $5 where I live, and Imax is the most expensive one around.

This movie costs $5 even in places where that's more than twice the daily salary.

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by hobarrera (#46811997) Attached to: Joss Whedon Releases New Film On Demand

$5 to watch a movie a single time!? Sounds like a huge ripoff. The most expensive cinemas in town cost less than that. The cheap ones cost about a fifth. And I only get to "rent" it, I can't even watch it again later, or with friends, etc.

I'm sorry, but I'm just sticking to thepiratebay until you fix your business model.

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by hobarrera (#46811901) Attached to: 404-No-More Project Seeks To Rid the Web of '404 Not Found' Pages

Sounds like what they're trying to fix is scenarios where the server SHOULD be returning 410, not 404. This has nothing to do with PROPER 404 status codes.

Anyway, is something is so important mirror it yourself and be done with it. No need for html tags. BTW, it seems to blur the line between HTML and HTTP too much.

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by hobarrera (#46777381) Attached to: OpenBSD Team Cleaning Up OpenSSL

If they hadn't used their own allocator, then this bug would have been exposed on OpenBSD ages ago since it would lead to OpenSSL crashing over and over again. At first you migth think that this only helps OpenBSD users, but no: this would have led to research on the matter (the crashed), and the issue being found quite soon after it was introduced.

So it would not have been benefitial only to OpenBSD, but to everyone.

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