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Comment Re:Yay! Beta moderation at last (Score 1) 144

OK, I guess I didn't fully understand how a revolt at Slashdot works and I've been here a long time. :) It's funny that my post gets marked down for being slightly positive yet others get modded up for saying only "Beta sucks!"

I tried modding in the big Timothy response article but most of the good comments were already visible. I'd really be happy with a site that just has article summaries and comments. I don't care so much about redesign, just fix the current issues.

Comment Yay! Beta moderation at last (Score 0, Offtopic) 144

I've now got some moderator points to burn. I've checked out the Beta and I agree it's mostly BAD, but it does have a few interesting features. If they can fix the many problems I could deal with it. So, I'll be moderating all posts with constructive criticism. Or not. Who knows.


Judge Rules Defense Can Use Trayvon Martin Tweets 848

theodp writes "The NY Times reports a judge in the second-degree murder case against George Zimmerman has ruled that Trayvon Martin's school and social media records should be provided to the defense. Judge Debra S. Nelson said Martin's Twitter, Facebook and school records were relevant in the self-defense case. In those instances, showing whether a victim 'had an alleged propensity to violence' or aggression is germane, the judge said. The defense also got permission for access to the social media postings of a Miami girl who said she was on the phone with Martin just before the shooting. Time to update the Miranda warning to include: 'Anything you Tweet or post can and will be held against you in a court of law'?'"

Comment Re:Not So Fast On The Pointers (Score 1) 326

I think this is what he prefers to see in code:

struct node {
        int x;
        struct node *next;
struct node *list_head;
int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { // create a list
        delete_item( &list_head );
void delete_item(node** pp, int i) {
        for ( node* entry = *pp; entry; entry = entry->next ) {
                if (entry->x == i) {
                        *pp = entry->next;
                        delete entry;

Comment Re:Ikea jerker and a normal table (Score 1) 347

I did this about 6 months ago and it's working out great. I would also recommend getting a drafting chair so that you can "sit" at the desk when needed without having to adjust the height. You WILL get tired of standing all the time and it's probably better for your body to alternate between the two.

Comment Re:TWM: The others are just copies (Score 1) 654

Yep, all of our college workstations ran TWM as the default. If you really knew what you were doing, you compiled or borrowed FVWM from someone else and built up an awesome config file.

You could always tell who was a hardcore hacker because they had either A) a highly customized FVWM or B) a single window in TWM running emacs, vi or gdb. Everybody else had a mess of windows strewn about the TWM desktop.

Comment Re:NTP and hospitals (Score 1) 290

Can't speak for all medical equipment, but I worked on a major IV pump and it used time in exactly this way. The dosages were rate or interval based and the pump strictly used the internal clock to calculate elapsed time. There was a "clock" on the display but it was only used for display purposes, you could set it for 1:00 am Mar 3, 1983 and it would still work correctly.

You will lose an important tape file.