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Comment: WOW (Score -1) 1217

by hiscross (#32542438) Attached to: MA High School Forces All Students To Buy MacBooks
Slashdot people seem to be a lower class of people than Daily Tech people. I hope you are above Gawker and the like. The State of Maine purchased over 37,000 Macbooks in 2002 for their 7 & 8 graders and teachers. The program has been a success. The dad who doesn't seem to like Mac's probably doesn't have much experience with them. So be it, let him use his Dell. Apple isn't going away anytime soon so get over it.

Comment: Re:Amazing (Score -1) 768

by hiscross (#32397700) Attached to: BP Says "Top Kill" Operation Has Failed
unrestricted free markets fix them selves. Look at the Tech market. It has very little government over sight and it works. Remember when Sun wanted the government to stop Microsoft? Well two things happened, 1) Sun is no more 2) Microsoft shabby software has lost the mobile market. I am for No Government, since I don't see any benefits they produce. Actually, governments produce nothing, they are perfect looters.

Comment: Re:Well at least... (Score -1) 525

by hiscross (#32360926) Attached to: Sudden Demand For Logicians On Wall Street
Not all large corporations block innovation. Apple is one that does just the opposite. You may disagree with that statement, but let me give you a couple of examples. 1) HTC uses Andriod to power some of their smart phones. Google gives away Andriod so they can pentrate the market, like Microsoft did with DOS and later Windows. Many hardware manufactures running a singel OS. Now, Apple has the capability to buy ARM and then force HTC and the all others to pay them a license fee, but they chose (wisely so) not to take that road? Why, HTC and Google are like the sub-prime housing loans of 2004-7. Free and easy, until payback. In HTC case, Google will see they have a product that will make them money and when that happens HTC will be forced to pay and raise the cost of their phones.Additionally, consummers will pay the price and all those $99 HTC phones will cost $199, just like the iPhone. Now, if Apple and Verizon strike a deal, then those HTC Andriod phones won't look so wonderful. Next, is the iPad. That market is just getting started. Apple does have some restrictions on what developers are allowed to do, so does the US Military on how the manage their nukes. However, like the iPod and iPhone Apple wants to ensure they have control over the products they build and not be at the mercy of others. Just ask any seasoned PC person how much fun BIOS and others settings offened conflicted with each. Do you wnat to re-live the SoundBlaster days again? Finally, Apple latest success has been an effort that doesn't include the enterprise or government. Here is proof that unrestricted Capitlism works.

Comment: Re:Bubbles are not as nasty in labor-intensive sec (Score 1, Insightful) 72

by hiscross (#32147996) Attached to: The Boom (Or Bubble) In Federal Cybersecurity
"where "skilled" jobs are always in abundance. Please, I am a Fed IT person who is surrounded by meeting making fed and contractors who produce nothing. Most feb security people can barley run a software update, let along stop a cyberattack. No one in the US Governments build secure code nor do they understand the importance of building secure code. The do the SDLC/FISMA thing and say we've done are part. Once they get hacked, then they have a tons of meetings, bring SAIC or CSC and declare victory, that is until they get hacked again. Good security people are rare breed who will always be in high demand. Hint, if a vendor shows up and that vendor is from China or India, tell him the position is closed. They know nothing about security. Now if a vendor is from Russia or Israel take them very seriously.

Comment: Re:Buying ARM for a leg? (Score -1) 695

by hiscross (#31940816) Attached to: Apple To Buy ARM?
"Apple has a long history of active and desperately trying to lock down and monopolize markets and market segmentspple has a long history of active and desperately trying to lock down and monopolize markets and market segments" Name one market Apple has locked down? Yes, they ensure the markets they are good stays that way, but anyone can play. Microsoft has a lock on the desktop market with their OS and Office and so be it. Others can play into that market, but have never put a dent into it. Bravo for Microsoft. It's not like the financial markets where governments back all their mistakes, at least the ones who certain government officials. Capitalism works.

Comment: Re:Voice data is relatively small... (Score -1) 71

by hiscross (#31717066) Attached to: US Mobile Data Traffic Usage Exceeds Voice
I was once stationed in Turkey and to make a phone call we had the call an operator who patched us to who needed to talk with. The system was pretty old and didn't provide the operator with the means of knowing if the phone call was still taking place, so the operator had to interrupt a conversation by asking "Working?". Somehow I have to wonder if those operators design the wireless voice network. Job security?

Comment: idiot (Score -1, Troll) 628

by hiscross (#31490532) Attached to: XML Co-Founder Joins Google, Blasts iPhone
Who cares? Apple is a Capitalist company out to make as much money as it can, just like the rest. Giving away your hard work so others don't have to work is called socialism. Two words sum up socialism, screw that. Apple and anybody else should have to give away anything to anybody if they want to. It's that simple.

Comment: Re:Amazing (Score 0) 109

by hiscross (#31143858) Attached to: Hands On With Notion Ink's Pixel-Qi Equipped Adam Tablet
To the best of my knowledge Apple isn't forcing anyone to Buy their products. Be true as it is, then whoever buys a Apple product is making their own decision. That is called consumerism. Now, at work I am forced to use Microsoft products. That is called enterprise. If you look carefully Apple doesn't have a much of a foot print in the enterprise. The reason being is they are a consumer company who sell products to people who want them, not the people who are forced to us them. Your opinion is flawed.

Comment: Re:Amazing (Score -1, Troll) 109

by hiscross (#31143242) Attached to: Hands On With Notion Ink's Pixel-Qi Equipped Adam Tablet
Don't like the iPad or any other Apple product, then don't buy any other their products. Do you think for a New York minute that Apple reads and listens to people like you? NO! They produce, not whine. They build and shop products, not complain about what others (whiners) can't do and that is Produce.

An inclined plane is a slope up. -- Willard Espy, "An Almanac of Words at Play"