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Comment Re:Facebook has products? (Score 1) 236

> In order for the like button to work on a website, you must first authenticate.

    I didn't think not authenticating with FB was enough. That is, even if I don't stay logged into Facebook, they can still query my cookie(s) and correlate it with my FB identity, right?

Comment Re:One trick (Score 1) 178

My sister works for a bank, and attended a vendor presentation about software that monitors IVR calls. They found that they got good results when listening for two keys phrases before transferring people directly to a Retention Specialist operator: "ridiculous" and "bullshit."

Naturally, I now answer "agent" to every prompt and then switch to "this is ridiculous bullshit" after a couple of tries.

Comment Re:Let patients test themselves. (Score 1) 392

Don't know your blood type? If you're reasonably healthy then go donate blood, and it will be automatically serotyped -- along with tests for a ton of other things. Also, free juice & cookies (and Guinness, at least when I donated in London twenty years ago!).

Comment Re:"Learning management systems" (Score 1) 95

> I'd be willing to bet my last dollar that Blackboard getting adopted by schools
> can be summed up in one word - kickbacks.

Well, there is one other reason: a school can pick a better product but then BB buys the competition. Ask everyone who selected Angel over Blackboard. :7(

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