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Comment: Re:Mutant registration is a good idea, by the way (Score 1) 493

by Otter Popinski (#47120247) Attached to: Mutant Registration vs. Vaccine Registration
Thank you for your comment. I'm glad somebody had the nerve to say it. Too many people these days are content to sit around and ponder hypotheticals like "does the anti-vax movement harm society as a whole?" Meanwhile they're ignoring the all-too-real threat of mutants causing global warming and teleporting past metal detectors.

Comment: Re:A very MS centric blog indeed... (Score 4, Funny) 357

by Otter Popinski (#41696399) Attached to: Surface RT vs. iPad: a Comparison

Apparently you have not seen the new retina screen. Nothing prepares you for it because you can't see it on any monitor you have now. Letters look like they are carved in the glass with a diamond stylus. They just pop with sharpness you never knew you were missing.

Have you seen the actual letters MS based their fonts on? You can't tell from the way they look on your retina display, but in person each letter looks as if it emerged fully-formed from the head of Zeus. When I first laid eyes on the "A" I wept tears of sweet honey and was transported to a world of dazzling rainbows.

Comment: Re:Silly. (Score 1) 401

by Otter Popinski (#37734980) Attached to: Who Killed Videogames?
IIRC, that's about the time arcade games went funny. (Maybe I'm missing it by a few years?) Games like Robotron 2084 or Sinistar or even Pac Man are sort of open-ended. You play until you die x times and you try to get on the high scores list. Whereas something like Golden Axe is a pure grind. If you have enough quarters, you can play to the end. What fun is that?

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