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Comment: What the new Xbox is _really_ for... (Score 1) 572

by hillbluffer (#43370453) Attached to: Microsoft Creative Director 'Doesn't Get' Always-On DRM Concerns

Haven't you got it yet? The new Xbox isn't about GAMES anymore, it's about selling people's eyes to advertisers. These consoles are being used more for displaying media, rather than games. The mandatory Kinect and internet connection are a means to tell advertisers how many butts are in seats, watching their ads.

Want to see what the future will be like? Watch "15 Million Merits" -

How about media that won't display unless your butt is in the seat, watching the ad?

The new Xbox will be one way to achieve that, EASILY.

Comment: Re:Tech jobs (Score 1) 510

by hillbluffer (#42295551) Attached to: Automation Is Making Unions Irrelevant
I've seen a FEW situations, where the company had a US based team to correct errors made overseas. But mostly, as long as CEOs and upper management can jack up their bonuses and pay, then bail out just before the results of outsourcing crashes their company, they simply do not care. Mangement is no longer in "for the long haul"... it's now "get mine quick and get out".

Comment: Re:Won't happen (Score 1) 727

by hillbluffer (#41731551) Attached to: Microsoft Urges Businesses To Get Off XP

The Wal-Mart Shopper mentality.

1. Thinking that the cost of something is the cost at the cash register.

Welcome to the mentality of most management. They think ONLY of the current quarter, the bonuses they will get and how to pump up the price of their stock options by keeping things running as cheaply as possible. They don't CARE about the future because they don't plan to be around that long. They'll either move on to a bigger company, or take their "golden parachute" and retire to the islands. You can cite maintainability and support to them all day long, and it's just like teaching a pig to sing. They _will_not_care_ and get mad at you for wasting their precious golf time talking about it.

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