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Comment Looking at the numbers crtically (Score 1) 171

If we take an estimate of the revenue per employee at these robotic making companies, lets say €250,000, which is roughly what the average European automobile company is doing. With this assumption these 240,000 jobs will mean €60 billion in robotics revenue that wouldn't be there without this initiative. But that is what they expect the entire market to be. My reading is that this initiative is only expected to increase European sales by €4 billion. But somehow that piss trickle of money is supposed to lead to 240,000 new jobs.

Comment Re:Lots of little boards (Score 1) 130

I don't tend to use busybox anymore because it isn't necessary. But I never found it to be that unpleasant. Most my embedded stuff only uses a few very basic shell scripts. Once someone comes up with a small ARM processor with enough on-board flash and ram for Linux, busybox will be just the thing for it.

Comment Re:Why not single chip? (Score 2) 130

It isn't because they didn't think of this. The PCIe and USB do look to be directly from the SOC. Ethernet PHY's are difficult or impossible to implement in the low voltage processes used for modern SOCs. DRAM and flash are sometimes mounted onto the top of the SOC, but that is more expensive, and typically used for mobile where space is at a premium. But if you were going to run a small embedded OS you can probably get by with the 512k or SRAM. Most the other chips are either power supply, or 3.3V I/O. These are again places where the SOC process doesn't allow for I/Os that handle the higher voltages safely.

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