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John Carmack Not Enthused About Android Marketplace 163

Posted by Soulskill
from the hit-with-a-fragmentation-grenade dept.
An anonymous reader writes "During an in-depth and informative interview, Doom creator and id Software co-founder John Carmack opines on iOS game development, the economics of mobile development vs. console development, why mobile games lend themselves to more risk-taking and greater creativity, and finally, why he's not too keen on the Android Marketplace as a money-making machine. '...I'm honestly still a little scared of the support burden and the effort that it's going to take for our products, which are very graphics-intensive.'"

Comment: Check out Sage (Score 1) 283

by highacnumber (#33867826) Attached to: Grad Student Looking To Contribute To Open Source
Sage is an open source platform for mathematics and computation that ties together many C and C++ libraries with Python code. You could browse the project bug and enhancement tracker or the sage-devel google group for some ideas of where to contribute and the project culture. There are a very wide range of things to do. With Sage, and probably most other projects, a very good way to get started is to help improve the documentation. This is not glamorous, but it is effective. It involves you with other people in the project, and gets you familiar with their development practices. Its usually well appreciated since documentation quickly gets out of date on an active project. Writing documentation will suggest some coding projects naturally - to adequately describe a current bug to users, for example, you will have to understand it somewhat, and that might suggest a solution.
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Oxford Expands Library With 153 Miles of Shelves 130

Posted by samzenpus
from the card-catalog-of-the-gods dept.
Oxford University's Bodleian Library has purchased a huge £26m warehouse to give a proper home to over 6 million books and 1.2 million maps. The Library has been housing the collection in a salt mine, and plans on transferring the manuscripts over the next year. "The BSF will prove a long-awaited solution to the space problem that has long challenged the Bodleian," said its head librarian Dr Sarah Thomas. "We have been running out of space since the 1970s and the situation has become increasingly desperate in the last few years." The 153 miles of new shelf space will only be enough for the next 20 years however because of the library's historic entitlement to a copy of every volume published in the UK.

Shakespeare In Klingon? 80

Posted by samzenpus
from the you-have-not-experienced-Shakespeare-until-you-have-read-him-in-the-original-Klingon dept.
stevegee58 writes "As if the Klingon opera described recently here at Slashdot weren't enough, here's an interesting offering for Shakespeare buffs. The Washington Shakespeare Company (based in Arlington VA) will soon be performing selections from Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing in Klingon."

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