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+ - Does switching the lights on/off use more energy?->

Submitted by
Ant writes "Yahoo! Green reports on the issue of lights powered "on and off that seem to use more energy than leaving them on. The answer is no, despite the common misperception that turning a light on creates a power surge. The thinking is that it's more economical to just leave a light on rather than pay the costs of flicking it back on. In reality, that "surge" lasts for only a fraction of second..." Seen on Blue's News."
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Comment: byNotes uses OSM (Score 0) 46

by hierro (#26230213) Attached to: Smooth Open Street Maps For the iPhone
byNotes client for the iPhone uses a custom maps framework based on Open Street Maps and it's been available in the App Store since October 20th. It's not yet opensource, basically because it's just a personal project and cleaning the code for a release takes some time, but I plan to release it on January (yes, I wrote it).

Getting Started In Android Game Development 43

Posted by Soulskill
from the android-needs-tetris-too dept.
rbgrn writes "If you're interested in developing a game for the Android platform, there is a lot you need to know. If you have previous experience with game development, moving over to the Android platform won't be all that difficult. You will mostly just need to learn the architecture and API. If you're new to game development, here is a list of must-knows for getting started in Android game development. This is a good starting point for developers seeking to write any type of mobile game."

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