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Comment Re:What About Nutrition? (Score 1) 122

According to a post below, "They're not even using soil! You can do organic gardening without soil just by making compost tea and flowing that as your nutrient. The most common feedstock is horse poop. All you need to keep the reaction going is an aquarium pump and a bubbler stone." Well, there you go.

Comment Re:Android is Open? (Score 2) 117

... and in the interest of "balance," (again, as I have little firsthand knowledge, it is difficult for me to ascertain how balanced this actually is) here's a rebuttal from an employee at Google:

(via Reddit)

Comment Re:Android is Open? (Score 1) 117

I would agree that it *was* open-source, but these days it's open in name only. Google has been chipping away at its openness for years, making it almost useless/impossible to fork.

I'll be the first to admit that my knowledge of this topic is almost completely second-hand, so if I'm talking out of my ass, please correct me. However this article sums up fairly well my understanding of the current situation:

The article is largely about Microsoft's relationship to Android (or lack thereof), but talks quite a bit about the current state of Android's "openness."

Comment Is it Glass or is it Metal?? (Score 1) 102

Is it Glass or is it Metal? This may sound like a dumb question, but I really can't tell:

"'Crucible Intellectual Properties, LLC' (...) laid claim to a manufacturing process for creating 'bulk amorphous alloy sheets', also known as bulk metallic glass (BMG)."

"The process, called 'float glass' ..." (Incidentally, float glass is nothing new, let alone patentable)

"and the result is a glass-like metal" ... and all that said, I was under the impression this stuff was metal. Either way, this is a pretty shitty article if I can't even get that basic fact straight, unless I'm just being really stupid here.

Comment Re:Apple Goes "Old School" (Score 1) 102

What exactly are you trying to say? That "firing up the furnaces" implies Apple is behind the times, therefore the dip in their stock price is justified? That 3D printers will somehow scale up to meet manufacturing needs at an output level that Apple needs? Or that people are stupid, which is why their stock price is low? I can make no sense of what you wrote.

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