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Comment: tie that to K'nect camera (Score 1) 108

by hguorbray (#46761955) Attached to: 52 Million Photos In FBI's Face Recognition Database By Next Year
and we are one step closer to a 1984 'Big Brother is watching' world....

and active investigations only my ass -they will stockpile this for the rest of our lives and when they find some association 20 years from now they will backtrack all the way to all other associations NSA 'metadata' style with the same deniability.

-I'm just sayin' -we're screwed

Comment: Re:Are there even any sci-fi shows left? (Score 2) 67

by hguorbray (#46642921) Attached to: Interviews: J. Michael Straczynski Answers Your Questions
Rick and Morty -from cartoon network surprisingly

it's on monday nights and the 8 or so episodes have been pretty 'science-y' so far -hope it remains popular enough to continue

I think anime has probably replaced live action tv as the best venue for SciFi these days (too bad about SyFy)

toonami (Adult Swim Sat nites) currently has IGPX, Ghost in the Shell, Sym-bonic Titan and Space Dandy which are all sc-fi-ish (not so much IGPX) and until recently had the excellent Sword Art Online series about some kids who are trapped in an immersive MMORPG

-I'm just sayin'

Comment: Re:Micro Center is better (Score 1) 423

by hguorbray (#46400951) Attached to: RadioShack To Close 1,100 Stores
yeah, I was really bummed when Micro Center closed down in Santa Clara -actual helpful staff who knew their products and don't try to avoid you like they do at Fry's (probably because they don't know the gear)

they also had pretty good markdowns on older stuff. My GF got a slightly older HP business laptop for $150 once that had fingerprint login and all sorts of other bells and whistles

they also had classes and corporate training ad stuff, but I guess there was too much overlap with Fry's, BestBuy and online

-I'm just sayin'

Comment: Re:Stanislaw Lem (Score 1) 293

I saw an interesting movie version of Futurological Congress at SF indiefest a few weeks ago

they sort of tacked on the actress's story line to the original (fairly short) novel, but it actually helped raise additional questions about identity and Intellectual Property in addition to the psychopharmacological future...

-I'm just sayin'

Comment: Re:RIP Harold Ramis (Score 2) 136

by hguorbray (#46328005) Attached to: Harold Ramis Dies At 69
SCTV is the closest this country (well, canada, to be fair) ever came to classic english-style absurdist humor a la Goon show, Python, Not the 9 o'clock news, etc

It was consistently funny in the first incarnation and was still decent the 2nd time around, although the 'guest band' part of the format trapped them more into the TV Variety show format -but it was about a fictional TV network, so....

Kids in the Hall, Strangers with Candy and many other American sketch comedy shows definitely owe something to SCTV

-I'm just sayin'

Comment: because it's not work for hire (Score 3, Insightful) 716

by hguorbray (#46223193) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Should Developers Fix Bugs They Cause On Their Own Time?
if you pay someone by the hour (or month) to write a document and there are typos, mispellings or factual errors you pay either the writer or an editor to take more time to make corrections.

An exception would be if they are being paid solely upon the delivery of piecework(work for hire), in which case they would still not be liable to to fix if it were signed off (accepted) by the purchaser as having met the agreed upon criteria...

The building analogy does not hold because writing and coding are(hopefully) iterative processes and some times you have to rip up or shift the foundations

-I'm just sayin'

Comment: Re:Merchants are going to fight this (Score 1) 731

by hguorbray (#46222269) Attached to: Death Hovers Politely For Americans' Swipe-and-Sign Credit Cards
I wonder how this is going to affect Square and the other smartphone based transaction processors?

If it just requires a new swiper that's one thing, but I have to wonder if this might be coming out now to raise the bar for indie merchants and micropayments...

I'm just sayin'

Comment: Re:Washington Post paper (Score 1) 361

by hguorbray (#46167759) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Online News Is Worth Paying For?
I subscribe to the Chronicle print edition Wed-Sun because of the columnists and local arts, food and news coverage is then available for free.

If you bemoan the death of independent local journalism then you should try to help support the same

-and yes I realize the whole world is slipping into a post-literate wasteland, but what can you do?

-I'm just sayin'

Comment: Re:Isn't that cute (Score 1) 150

by hguorbray (#45993809) Attached to: US Senator Warns Against Political Surveillance By Drone
Her Husband is a billionaire anyway, although there have certainly been some gvernment actions which have served to make him even more money:

-I'm just sayin'

Comment: Re:US data (Score 2) 287

by hguorbray (#45980383) Attached to: NSA Collects 200 Million Text Messages Per Day
that's been going on since the 70s

Using shared SIGINT The UK gets the US to spy on it's people to circumvent UK privacy laws The US gets the UK to spy on it's people to circumvent US privacy laws, etc Canada, Australia and New Zealand are all involved in this arrangement known as the FiveEyes

-I'm just sayin'

Comment: Re:Predicted in 1960 children's book (Score 1) 375

by hguorbray (#45978855) Attached to: Revolutionary Scuba Mask Creates Breathable Oxygen Underwater On Its Own
oblig simpsons

Homer: Marge. Kids. Everything's going to be just fine. Now go upstairs and pack your bags. We're going to start a new life... under the sea.

[funky calypso music]
              Under the sea,
              Under the sea,
              There'll be no accusations,
              Just friendly crustaceans
              Under the Seeeeeeeeeeeeea!

-I'm just sayin'

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