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Comment Blackberry Priiv -Android phone of the year! (Score 2) 61

Surprisingly, or not, BB seems to have made one of the best Android phones to come out so far:

Admittedly, there is a lot of junk at the Android low end, but I spent a fair amount on an LG Volt a few years ago and it has it's share of crappy design and performance.

If the BB is available in the states I will probably make it my next phone based on this review.

-I'm just sayin'

Comment it's in the documentary 'You've been Trumped' (Score 1) 421

he wanted to build exclusive golfcourse/housing in an environmentally sensitive wetlands

so he greased some local Palms and now he's upset that the rich potential homeowners will be less likely to splurge if their pristine picturebook views are 'destroyed' by an offshore wind farm -probably the first time he's sided with environmentalists given that he has ruined a national heritage site with the golf resort

If enough people watched this it would be the end of his farcical 'campaign'

there's a follow up documentary called 'A Dangerous game'
This sequel to You've Been Trumped (2011) investigates how big land developers like Donald Trump use golf as an excuse to build massive luxurious resorts on the expense of the locals and their ecosystem, and abuse natural resources.

I'm just sayin'

Comment Re:row to work (Score 1) 492

actually, a buddy of mine who lives in Walnut Creek and just got a job with a Redwood City Pharma did something like this to avoid the 90 minute + commute (60 miles on ~3 major hiways/bridges):

Even though he doesn't know how to sail He bought a small sailboat with a berth at Pete's Harbor in Redwood City, so he rides his motorcycle down to the sailboat Sun night or Mon morning, works the week living on the boat and then heads back home to Walnut Creek Fri afternoon.

the boat has a cabin, a head and a small kitchen and is probably a lot quieter/remote than some apartment along 101 or the El Camino....

But at some point he will probably have to give it up to spend more nights with his family.

-I'm just sayin'

Comment cut and paste (Score 1) 497

sometimes it's easier to cut 'n paste than trying to paramaterize everything -especially early on when your banging out a quick report of proof of concept

-although if/when I end up doing parameterization I have to hunt through the code and delete all the stuff that was obsoleted by the parameterization

-I'm just sayin'

Comment Re:YES (Score 1) 231

Cops in SF were ticketing Uber drivers this week at Outside Lands Festival because they were double-parking on the main exit roads from the festival as well as parking at bus stops...

Also here, one of the incumbent cab companies (DeSoto) has rebranded themselves as flywheel and gotten themselves a web app, so Uber is causing some positive response from the taxi industry here at least....I would still take a real cab over an Uber car given the choice myself

-I'm just sayin'

Comment Re:Having listened to a lot of Neil Young in my ti (Score 1) 574

actually his new album sounds like it could be pretty good based on the allmusic review

that said, I did see him willfully drive the crowd away at Outside Lands a few years ago by playing a 20 minute version of a new song that no one had heard (Walk like a Giant I think it was called) that was very noisy and repetitive and kept starting and stopping -wish we could have held out to the encore to hear 'roll another number', but GGP gets pretty cold after the sun goes down...

-I'm just sayin'

Comment Re:1st: Who Owns the 25% least well-tuned autos? (Score 1) 395

yeah, when I first landed back in Silicon Valley at the start of the .com boom I was working poor.

I was taking tech classes at DeAnza college in the West Valley and had an internship in toney Los Gatos and had to drive my 67 Nova on Hiway 85 through Cupertino, Saratoga and Los Gatos -some of the most exclusive Silicon Valley communities not on the Peninsula.

Not once, but TWICE I got letters from the Peninsula Clean Air Board that my car had been seen with visible exhaust and that I could be liable for a citation just because some prick in a late model commuter car had a holier than thou hardon for my poor little oil-burning car.

Owning this car really illustrated the Class War to me: I had also been pulled over by LEO numerous times in that car for such things as 'not making eye contact' and having a punched out trunk lock or driving on the East Side of San Jose, where I would be let go as soon as they realized I was not a drunk, uninsured Mexican with outstanding warrants.

I finally bought a used late model SUV on 9/11 and have had no troubles since, but I miss the old Nova...and it actually got better gas mileage than the SUV!

-I'm just sayin'

Comment Point proved (Score 2, Insightful) 301

game, set and match

Wowsers! you can't get much more Victorian Era chauvinistic than this. But much of the sciences, like engineering are still good old boys' clubs

at least the journal did the right thing and canned these cretins

reminds me of when a dim friend of mine asked my gf who had just bought a truck why a woman would want a truck..... (same reason as a man -except for the 'validating my masculinity' part)

-I'm just sayin'

Comment sort of like Antifreeze and pets/wildlife (Score 3, Interesting) 104

Similarly, open containers of antifreeze (left outside after flushing a car's cooling system) have long presented a danger to wild and domestic animals due to the 'sweetness' of the antifreeze.
Ethylene Glycol is also used in other engine maintenance fluids -most notable in de-icers, which is the source of most of the ethylene glycol which is released in the environment

However, except for the dumping of the de-icer, it is probably not as widespread in the environment as the neonics are

-I'm just sayin'

Comment Re: Politics aside for a moment. (Score 1) 538

Actually, Cheney's chief of staff Scooter Libby was convicted in relation to 22 million missing whitehouse emails and the revelation that white house staffers were using RNC email as a back channel while they were busy outing Valeris Plame and firing a bunch of Liberal DOJ lawyers.

not that I'm excusing the Democrats -both parties are reprehensible with the main differences that the Dems care a little more about the environment and women's rights and the Reps are more warlike and hardcore religious (one would think that those last 2 viewpoints would be somewhat opposed, but....)

-I'm just sayin'

Comment Re:islam -Malaysia is not tolerant of converts (Score 1) 1350

Malaysia is a pretty large exception and most people who convert away from Islam are not allowed to

Conversion from Islam

Muslims who wish to convert from Islam face severe obstacles. For Muslims, particularly ethnic Malays, the right to leave the Islamic faith and adhere to another religion is a controversial question. The legal process of conversion is also unclear; in practice it is very difficult for Muslims to change their religion legally.[22]

In 1999 the High Court ruled that secular courts have no jurisdiction to hear applications by Muslims to change religions. According to the ruling, the religious conversion of Muslims lies solely within the jurisdiction of Islamic courts.

The issue of Muslim apostasy is very sensitive. In 1998 after a controversial incident of attempted conversion, the Government stated that apostates (i.e., Muslims who wish to leave or have left Islam for another religion) would not face government punishment so long as they did not defame Islam after their conversion. However, whether the very act of conversion was an "insult to Islam" was not clarified at the time. The Government opposes what it considers deviant interpretations of Islam, maintaining that the "deviant" groups' extreme views endanger national security. In 2005 international media attention focused on the Sky Kingdom sect whose founder Ayah Pin claimed to be God, and whose members – mostly Malays – were accordingly charged with religious "deviancy" and "humiliating Islam."[23]

article has a lot of other details about the relative lack of religious mobility and intolerance towards non Muslims -particularly Hindus

-I'm just sayin'

Comment Re:Sympton of a bigger problem (Score 1) 611

I grew up there in the mid 60s when there were still orchard remnants all over the place and there was nothing north of 101 except for dairies

however, the Corn Palace in sunnyvale along Lawrence Expressway still remains:

-I'm just sayin'

Comment Re:Great. More touchscreens. (Score 1) 233

yeah this is a real problem with the wife's plug-in hybrid Ford c-max -which we love otherwise.
with real buttons for preset radio stations you can change stations without taking your eyes off the road.

The cmax touchscreen has about 20 different menus/controls/indicators on most of the top level screens and it take too much time with eyes off the road to find the menu button you need and go down another level or two to change stations, scan, etc

not to mention that the tochscreen is centered and rather low on the front dashboard, so you have to look down and lean over to really be able to see it properly....

-I'm just sayin'

Comment Re:Geez-Louise! (Score 1) 608


My wife is a tech writer for a London based international firm and although the female workers from the UK are treated well by the men there (and there are even a lot of female IT managers) the offshore workers from India are dismissive and condescending.

Although it is a known thing that India is a pretty sexist society, what's more discouraging is that many of her Indian born colleagues here in the US are also dismissive and condescending -particularly of Tech Writers, QA, non Technical Management, etc

-I'm just sayin'

Comment I can't see this happening (Score 3, Insightful) 108

a lot of niche content will no longer get funded, so choice might actually be lessened

but more importantly the cable operators will no longer get their $120+ a month from nearly every household in the US

the kids have already moved on to streams though -so the corps are making the money back through non flat rate wifi billings, data overage fees, etc

-I'm just sayin'

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