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Comment Re:This is only a problem for idiot millenials.. (Score 1) 339

And the millennial generation are the ones who are doing it by far the most.

Can't argue with that. No, I mean you literally can't argue with that, as it's a fact-free generalization so vapid it defies refutation. Plus you have decided you can define "idiot" to mean anyone who does something you personally disagree with. Nice move, Orwell.

But at least you've figured out how to spell the word "millennial."

Comment Re:Nothing new here ... (Score 1) 292

Visit the woman's site. Check her publication history. She's a shill. Hint: "polarbearscience" isn't hard to type into a Wordpress template.

That site is one of the most depressing and dishonest things I've seen in a while. She should be ashamed of herself.

Her opinion on walrus ecology is as valid as yours and mine. Except hers is paid for by a "think tank" that does everything it can to undermine science if it gets in the way of corporate profits.

We are so fucked.

Comment Re:Absolutely disgusting (Score 1) 875

So, yeah. In 2012 the entire country of Canada recorded 543 homicides. There were 414 in New York City alone. Almost 15,000 in the US as a whole. Ten times the population, but almost 30 times the number of murders.

Violent crime rates have been trending down everywhere in the industrialized world for the last couple of decades, but relative to the other countries in the G8 the good ol' U.S. of A. remains a pretty violent place. As someone pointed out upthread, it's a big, messy cultural problem with no easy answers or solutions.

Comment Re:Male companion (Score 1) 255

As a friend of mine once pointed out, if Canada ever joined the US, the Presidency and the HofR would be dominated by the Democratic party for at least the next two decades. Canada would have more electoral votes than any state but California, and enough left-leaning congressional districts to tip the balance. In Canada Obama would be considered a moderate conservative, and Rick Santorum would be institutionalized and kept under heavy government-subsidized sedation.

Comment Please let me be the first to say (Score 1) 761

Apple is doomed, I tell you. DOOOOOOOMED.

Sooner or later. Unless a big-ass meteor crushes the Earth, in which case we're all doomed and I'm right on a technicality.

>When all is said and done, right now Apple is rather aggressively destroying value as it tilts at windmills.
>Sure, they might get away with it in the short term or figure out a way of avoiding it in the long,
>but eventually this sort of behavior catches up with a company.

Comment Re:Spread the word (Score 5, Informative) 1002

A useful link [techdirt] to send to anyone defending or even ambivalent about SOPA. It's legislation designed by a lobby group to service their agenda, and damn any unforeseen consequences. If you think the RIAA and MPAA give a shit about the free speech and due process of *others* balanced against their desire to maximize profits, you've been asleep for the last twenty years.

Comment Re:What horrible graphics (Score 1) 270

Jesus H. Christ.

He created a short, informative video that synthesizes complex statistics into a compelling visual display and over a million people have watched it on Youtube in the last MONTH but no, you don't think he knows much about presentation. Maybe you can give him lessons and make him better at what he does? If we could just harness your ego to power electricity we could power the continental United States.

He's had a real impact on health in the developing world. He's made a huge difference in the lives of real people using -- yes! -- science and statistics, and now he's reaching a huge audience with clever and insightful presentations that attract audiences in the hundreds of thousands.

Oh, but he wasn't able to impress you. And you've accomplished...what, exactly?

Nothing is finished until the paperwork is done.