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Pope Says Technology Causes Confusion Between Reality and Fiction 779

Posted by samzenpus
from the where's-the-reset-button dept.
Pope Benedict XVI has warned that people are in danger of being unable to discern reality from fiction because of new technologies, and not old books. "New technologies and the progress they bring can make it impossible to distinguish truth from illusion and can lead to confusion between reality and virtual reality. The image can also become independent from reality, it can give birth to a virtual world, with various consequences -- above all the risk of indifference towards real life," he said.

Comment: Re:Do or die? (Score 2, Insightful) 391

by hex0D (#33861492) Attached to: Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone 7 Lineup
And when you RTFA, you'll see how the author basically argues against his own 'do or die' thesis at the end of it.

here's the relevant bit, from TFA: ...there's lots of room for Microsoft. Consumers love their mobile phones, but they switch or upgrade as often as every one or two years. Also, consumers typically sign up with service providers like Verizon and AT&T and will happily switch to the next best phone. Who's to say an AT&T customer's next phone won't be a Windows Phone?

So until customers stop getting new phones every 2 years, or start caring much more about their phones OS, I don't understand why this is " officially Microsoft's last, best chance for relevance in the post-desktop computing world."

Comment: Didn't even need these during the cold war (Score 0, Offtopic) 197

by hex0D (#33860150) Attached to: Russian Army Upgrades Its Inflatable Weapons
Many US defense analysts were more than happy to credit non-existent assets to the Russians to increase military spending.

from : Realizing that mere belief in the gap was an extremely effective funding source, a series of similarly nonexistent Soviet military advances were constructed in a tactic now known as "policy by press release." These included claims of a nuclear-powered bomber, supersonic VTOL flying saucers, and only a few years later, the "missile gap."

Comment: Re:Be Honest (Score 1) 173

by hex0D (#33786346) Attached to: Court Rules Against Woman Who Didn't Like Search Results
She was embarrassed by what was associated with her name. Now many, many, many more people are aware that there were embarrassing things associated with it, things that probably were nowhere near as bad as people are likely to imagine upon scanning a headline.

She will forever be that 'chick whose name search produced ciallis ads' to me and many others now.

Comment: Re:The flaw is .... (Score 1) 223

by hex0D (#33785718) Attached to: Lawrence Lessig Reviews <em>The Social Network</em>
Why? Because you don't like Facebook? I'm not going to see it because of Facebook, I'm going to go see it because it's by Sorkin. I hate sports, and never watch ESPN, but loved 'Sports Night' A good writer can make interesting entertaining stories out of subject matter you have, or thought you had, no interest in.

Or maybe you just personally dislike someone involved with the film to the point that you wish anyone who doesn't shouldn't even exist. And that's the exact type of thinking I really wish didn't exist.

Comment: A lot of time bashing Facebook... (Score 1) 223

by hex0D (#33785514) Attached to: Lawrence Lessig Reviews <em>The Social Network</em>
...would be much better spent supporting Diaspora

Seriously, every time there's a Facebook story on /. so many hours of potential productivity are lost to bitching. Why not use that time actively helping an alternative to what so many of you apparently despise? And if you don't care about or use social networks at all, rest assured that the millions who do by and large don't care about your sanctimonious complaints.

Comment: Re:Zuckerberg made a walled garden (Score 1) 223

by hex0D (#33785290) Attached to: Lawrence Lessig Reviews <em>The Social Network</em>
yes it is. In the exact same way that free speech triumphs when people have the freedom to speak out against it, as well as for it. The openness is still out there for you to make a community pea patch or whatever the hell else you would like to do with it, you don't have to use his walled garden and it is in no way stopping you from constructing your own.

For better or worse, people find the consistency of proprietary platforms preferable to the confusion that can come with open platforms. Part of 'openness' is letting the option of using both remain. Don't get all pissy if the majority of people out there have different priorities than you.

+ - Ask Slashdot: RFID In The Laundry Room

Submitted by Pamplona Slowpoke
Pamplona Slowpoke (1130755) writes "We have four kids and the gadgets in our house seem to multiply each Christmas and birthday. Yesterday we washed our second iPod nano that was hiding in a coat pocket. This has led me to start thinking about a home system similar to an RFID shoplifting system with the objective being to prevent the "insert electronic device name here" from entering the laundry room. Are there any systems out there that can do this on a budget? For the purposes of this discussion I'd like the system to cost about $250 USD, or the equivalent of an iPod Touch or Classic."

Comment: Re:there are websites too (Score 1) 524

by hex0D (#33778748) Attached to: US Says Plane Finder App Threatens Security
mod parent +1 interesting. As in 'I'm sure Homeland Security will find it interesting that you posted information of potential use to terrorists'

They'll probably want to 'mod you up' in person. They have an app for that too. It runs on phone book. Or rather, the phone book runs into your head repeatedly.

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