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Comment: The new start menu was enough for me to flush... (Score 1) 505

by herojig (#44123299) Attached to: Hands-On With Windows 8.1 Preview
The new start menu was enough for me to flush Classic Shell, and be "trained" into the new way, the metro way. All it means is that you are now farther away from a bigger start menu, if you just boot straight to the desktop, as you do. I run it on an iMac with dual monitors, and it's blazing fast as a VMWare image. The only thing is that some frameworks are not supported yet, so apps like Mindjet 2012 won't install. Besides that, a nice update. love it.

Comment: happy trails... (Score 1) 273

just to add to all of the above: surge protected power strip, and no worries. all the talk about theft is just that. protect yourself and your stuff. been on the road for 13 years now, and no problems but blown apple power adapters (sensitive to voltage surges in places with 240 and poor wiring). but even in someplace like Nepal, you can get parts. happy trails...

Comment: Welcome to the Evidence-based world (Score 1) 331

by herojig (#42777615) Attached to: Internet-Deprived Kids Turning To 'McLibraries'
Ten years ago I was overnighting in a Starbucks parking lot to send my work in. I was one of many living in vehicles and roaming the US, doing a bit of work here or there. Most of the venues mentioned here were our links to the internet - to our bread and butter. But that's nothing new around the globe, most of the under-developing part of the world has been going to community wifi centers for a long time. I'm in Nepal now, and there is a cybercenter on almost every block within the Kathmandu valley (mostly filled with students). But the sad thing is this: America has not progressed to this point: where even the poor can afford an internet connection in the home, and can certainly find an affordable cyber center within walking distance.

Comment: Re: Phablet (Score 1) 181

by herojig (#42565031) Attached to: Chinese Smartphone Invasion Begins
I'm using my Galaxy Note 2 as a desktop computer in the den, and if there were a cheaper chinese version with like specs, I'd put one in every room that has a HDMI monitor sitting idly by - but what I gather from this experiment is that Apple needs to build in telephony to all its computers, or I'm going to replace my MBs and Airs with cheaper phones, and use android devices for everything but 'real' work.

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