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Comment Aboose (Score 1) 262

Unicode was and is used to support foreign characters. Emojis are a blatant abuse of unicode, I don't know a single use of emoticons besides general spam. On a sidenote, I'm tired of people abusing unicode characters to represent their name in some untypeable mess, like "".

Comment Re:Height increase justifies nothing (Score 1) 409

Ok fine, let's sum up: a mathematician (!), a political science professor (!!) and somebody from a restaurant industry association (!!!) don't like an indicator that is used worldwide by physicians to measure obesity, and that is used to rank countries' obesity by the World Health Organization and the OECD in their annual papers. Thanks, very useful. To guess what the BMIs of those 3 guys might be.

It's pretty ironic that you point out that a mathematician(!) is against BMI when it was a mathematician(!) that created BMI.

Comment Re:That last sentence makes no sense (Score 1) 260

Ouch. Someone being offended on the lack of their gender (or not their gender) being in an article sounds sexist to me. Either way, the people who would get offended because something like "he" is used or that "maid" was used or that "fireman" was used should probably spend more time focusing on the subject of what the author is talking about and worry less about semantics and how "nice" someone is trying to appeal.

Comment Halloween Anyone? (Score 1) 102

Sounds like they spent a lot of time talking about how it will stare at you and do a boatload of other creepy stuff. Outfit this bad-boy with some 'scary' vanity items, or maybe bash it up a bit and remove various parts, and you've got the horrors of several children. I think this and putting it in very odd places to scare friends and co-workers is the only use of this toy that comes to mind.

Comment Re:should be higher (Score 1) 229

So no, new users will NOT be probably turned off by the price of entry into the community, even if the threshold is $50. Personally, I think the threshold should be $25 and three months of use.

Actually, I've had multiple times where I wanted to play a game with some friends but couldn't as they were not able to add me as a friend as they had not bought a game. $25 and three months of use just to be able to add my own friends to play some game that would say, be only $5-10 sounds ridiculous.

Comment Doesn't Work For Me (Score 2) 132

Unfortunately, my OS is kind of screwed right now. Some registry files or another got fucked up from an installation of directory opus, and I can no longer open control panel, explorer, display, fonts, etc etc. The recovery (back to factory state) on my Dell computer does not work; it gives me a pretty lengthy error that pretty much states "The recovery partition is corrupted." So, I go to Microsoft's site, put in my key, and there it is (paraphrased from memory): "Your computer came with a preinstalled operating system and we can not provide you an ISO, check with your hardware provider." Fuck.

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