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+ - Half Life 3 Leak?->

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herbapet writes "This site just appeared this morning, showing the Half Life logo superimposed on the Aperture Science logo. Site redirects to 2 other Valve sites, HL3 then The Orange Box site. Server hosting the site is also a Valve backups server."
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+ - Bell Canada to end throttle->

Submitted by (843637) writes "I just caught wind of a story over at the Huff. Bell Canada has written a letter to the CRTC indicating that it will end traffic shaping on March 1, 2012. Although Bell says that this is due to "increasing popularity of streamed video and other traffic" and "P2P file-sharing, as a proportion of total traffic, has been diminishing", it's far more likely that they are interested in higher revenue. In all likelihood, the change of heart is based on the fact that Bell has moved most of their customer base to, and offer no alternative to, low-usage-cap UBB packages, which would ultimately generate more income or deter full usage of their service (and thus require less infrastructure investment)."
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Journal: Job Hunt.

Journal by herbapet

So this is my first journal entry. Today is the day i start my job hunt in earnest. First i will be contacting all my old clients and seeing what kind of home networking work they need done with all their new holiday gear, then i will be submitting my resume to all the local job sites. Also gotta fix my cell phone subscription.

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