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Comment: college (Score 0) 433

by heracross (#42420239) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: CS Degree While Working Full Time?
I worked 40+ hours a week while getting my cs degree in college, starting at 18-22. I was able to just put most of the college into loans and my minimum wage job basically only paid for food,gas,books. At 26 if you can not get loans to cover it , it might be much harder. You can take part time classes and spread the cost over more than 4 years, but I would only go this route if its something you really want. At 26 most companies will only let you code for a short time after anyway as old developers are looked down upon. You might want this degree in something other than CS

Comment: familiar (Score 1) 396

by heracross (#41586661) Attached to: Replacing Windows 8's Missing Start Menu
Microsoft doesn't realize most people use windows because they are familiar with it, once you start changing it like this people will explore options like Apple, Linux, etc.. to compare against the 'New Windows' and might move from Windows to something else entirely. They should have made this metro as a new option you can toggle on and off and let their users gradually into it - not force it upon them

Comment: under these condition (Score 1) 957

by heracross (#41438065) Attached to: Pakistan's PM Demands International Blasphemy Laws From UN
under these conditions (a) you outlaw public displays of religion in all countries so I do not have to hear or have your religion forced upon me (2) you outlaw Jihad in all countries and any activity linked to terrorism and (3) all counties must respect and treat all religions equally as well as Atheism otherwise my blasphemy rates will rise with this law

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