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Comment Re:Science... Yah! (Score 1) 958

If someone is cold, then their body will expend more energy to stay warm

Also cold increases brown fat wich is not fat that makes you fat but active tissue that increase metabolism.

I think that pushing out water is not so expensive. However loosing all that water will make you lighter.

Comment Re:Science... Yah! (Score 1) 958

Reaction pathways in body are complicated. It will convert all kind of nutrients to needed molecules. To make it more complex there is many different kind of inhibition mechanisms to limit conversions. Chemistry and physics is well understood but it will take time to map and understand all cumulative reactions.

On the other hand human kind is proven in practise that you can survive with crappy diet quite well. I don't think caveman's main reason to die was crappy diet but rather diseases and accidents.

However nowdays it is necessary, not just to survive, but feel good and make optimal procress and have good energy levels trough day.

To my experience eating less calories then you use will make you thiner. But it will also make you hungry if you eat energy rich foods. If you switch low energy foods you can eat more and it will stretch your stomach more wich tells your brain that you are full. Therefor you are not hungry anymore.

Making things even more complicated, people are not clones. Then there is the human mind screwing things and making shit up.

Comment Re:Google doesn't have a monopoly on ANYTHING. (Score 1) 334

as a direct result of the success of the company.

Google has been manipulating search results in past.

I think it is good thing to stop this kind of thing happening. I do care from business rights to do their own choises and business models. But at the same time, I do not want to live in the world where everything can and will be controlled with money.

There is expected behavior of products. Consumer can't make in depth analysis of companies all to time to figure out all their connections. Just to find out which way he/she is getting screwed this time. Protecting the consumer rights is good thing, they have rights too.

In USA corporations have way too much power. At the same time I'm very happy by not being the one who has to draw these lines.

Comment Re:Not the way we have carbs now (Score 1) 329

Eat more plants, eat more non-meat protein, eat higher quality carbs.

My weight has gone up and down trough all my life. While it has never been a big problem. It has been something I have to sometimes pay attention to. This is pretty much the formula I use to loose weight (+exercise). Stomach is pretty stupid. When it has enough food in it, it is satisfied and vegetables are good way to fill stomach. It will take time to process those foods and after three hours you are allowed to eat again.

Comment Re: "Down with fat-shaming!" (Score 1) 329

Being fat IS actually the result of evolution

That is actually good point. This is the problem that is going to fix it self, trough evolution. This will affect so heavily on procreation and general health, that problem will fix itself trough time. Lets just sit back and wait few million years.

Comment Re:Time to move into the Century of the fruit bat. (Score 1) 1198

Because some crimes deserve the ultimate penalty. Read what this guy did and then tell me he doesn't deserve to die.

Punishment is often mixed with revenge. There is no need to hurt these people or take their lives. They just need to be kept away from normal nice people, if they are not capable to follow rules. With smaller crimes there should be possibility to return society, in case they are grown up and ready to follow rules (yes this sometimes happens).

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