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Comment: Fredric Wertham (Score 1) 424

by hemo_jr (#43376275) Attached to: Senator Feinstein: We Need Video Game Control

You'd think the community would remember history and not repeat it. Fredric Wertham, in _Seduction of the Innocent_ ,destroyed a genre of comic books in the 1950's making much the same fallacious claims that are now being made against the video game industry. Is this bozo going to be allowed to rise from the dead to wreck another generation's fun in an attempt to destroy the first amendment?

I hope not.

Comment: Re:Wow, don't have opinions online.. (Score 1) 530

by hemo_jr (#42021141) Attached to: How Free Speech Died On Campus

You exercise broad control over people by making policies so inclusive that everyone can and should feel guilty. You exercise specific control by picking out examples to be persecuted and vilifying those that are already unpopular. This puts the fear of retribution in the back of everyone's mind and makes them easier to control.

Comment: Re:of course (Score 2) 176

by hemo_jr (#42019601) Attached to: GOP Study Committee Director Disowns Brief Attacking Current IP Law

And, of course, the Democratic Party is also not for this. It is a an indictment of the system that a group that poor mouths itself so much (rights holders such as RIAA MPAA) can afford to keep the leadership of both parties so much in their debt. You'd think they could start paying an intellectual property tax.

Comment: More than one model (Score 2) 155

by hemo_jr (#41687259) Attached to: New Evidence That the Moon Was Created In a Massive Collision

There has been a flurry of new models (or significant variations on the old model) suggested recently. They include a smaller than Mars impactor that hit at a higher velocity and a slower impactor that was approximately the same size as the newly formed Earth. Both were inspired by studies that showed that the evection resonance of the Earth-Moon-Sun system would allow for a greater slow down in the rotation of the Earth getting to the contemporary 24 hr day. (see et al)

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