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Comment: IEDR's a basket case (Score 2, Insightful) 222

by hellsDisciple (#27410259) Attached to: Irish Domain Registry Banning Adult Domains
The IEDR is a hotbed of infighting and interference. Started by a few select academics in Dublin's UCD, it is still being meddled with non-stop. I sure as hell don't care whether or not they want to register adult websites, but the IEDR are particularly nasty even to legitimate domain registrations. For example, a private citizen can't register a personal domain unless they're a company or publicly known celebrity like a politician. Leave the policing up to people better able to do the policing.

Comment: As used in Ireland (Score 5, Informative) 585

by hellsDisciple (#26856565) Attached to: Automation May Make Toll Roads More Common
This technology was very recently deployed in Ireland. There have been severe problems with it, including both the video and tag system simultaneously billing some customers. Funny thing is a lot of people forget there's a toll there at all any more - there used to be constant protests about the motorway in question.

Comment: Start off with an isolated system (Score 1) 497

by hellsDisciple (#26774361) Attached to: How Do I Start a University Transition To Open Source?
So, for example, try running something non mission critical such as the Alumni database, or a webcasting server or a software mirror service on a FOSS box. Then people start to say how fast it is/doesn't break down. Then try something with some bite in it - maybe a read-only Samba server. Then maybe a read/write Samba server for a small group, which is linked to AD. Make the move in small steps, a bit like the Embrace & Extend strategy.

+ - NIS Reloaded

Submitted by hellsDisciple
hellsDisciple writes: With LDAP seeming like quite an involved process, is it time to look at a standard for LDAP databases for system authentication? NIS seems so simple, LDAP does not. Throwing Samba and all it entails into the mix muddies the water more. Is it time for a simple centralpasswdd which works off the server's /etc/passwd? Central authentication should be a case of turning on the server, providing a domain/server name and hitting OK.

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