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Comment Because someone will do it (Score 1) 204 204

Either states will decide you don't need insurance if you have a self driving car, or a company will spring up that will insure self driving cars for a lot less money.

It is one area where capitalism can work. Lets say all the existing insurance underwriters charge $100/month for normal insurance based on human drivers. At that rate they can cover the rate of claims and make a nice profit. Say $20/month ends up being net profit after their operations costs and payout are factored in, and operations are another $20/month.

Well lets say that self driving cars then have a 0.01% accident rate compared to human drivers (it may end up being lower than that). That will drop their payouts by a similar amount, so from $60/person/month to $0.60/person/month. Ok but they decide to keep the price the same, just make more money.

Thing is, they'd still be really profitable at $41/month, instead of $100. Someone else will realize that, and work to steal their business. They might not go that low, maybe $80/month, but it'll happen. Then they'll try to get it back and so on and so forth.

Remember that your costs aren't just based on your specifically, they are based on actuary data of accident likeness. Sure you've had no accidents, but there is a statistical probability that you will. You are in the lowest risk group likely, but it is there. If self driving cars are much lower, rates can again be much lower.

Also, have you checked around? My rates haven't gone up in a long time. Maybe your company is just screwing you because they can, and you'd save if you took your business elsewhere.

For comparison purposes I pay about $350/6 months for $200k/$500k liability insurance on an old, cheap, car.

Comment That may well be what happens (Score 1) 184 184

Which is why this is pretty stupid. H.264 is "good enough" for most things. Particularly as bandwidth continues to grow. A more efficient encoding scheme would be nice, but it isn't necessary. We can already do 1080p60 video over most net connections with reasonable quality.

So H.265 will have to be appealing not only in terms of bandwidth saved, but in terms of cost. Companies won't move to use it if they have to pay a bunch extra for the privilege. They'll just keep using H.264 and more bandwidth.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 2) 85 85

Exactly right.

The incentive for people to contribute to a closed source project isn't all that much. Remember that open source isn't a gift by your company to the public, it is an offer of trade -- you let the public have the source, the public provides you with feedback (bug fixes, enhancements, etc.) and gets its suggestions provided back to it. It's a circle.

What you are suggesting sounds like you want the benefit of that deal, while negating the benefit for those who are doing work for you. Psychologically, it's a hard sell to say to someone -- "mow my lawn for me and I'll sell you a lemonade afterward at full price --- um yeah, I'd also sell you the lemonade at full price if you don't mow my lawn." You aren't going to get many takers for that deal, and the ones who do take it will have questionable motives (scoping out the property) or will just be naive and gullible (not a great foundation to build upon).

Comment Re:Likely misdemeanor mishandling of classified in (Score 1) 434 434

The statute the sent Oliver North to prison might apply here.

Paragraph b, aside from other punishments, bars a person from holding public office.

The way I see it, the emails were filed with a public officer of the united states as required by par. a (HRC was a public officer so the emails sent/received were filed with her personally) and by deleting the emails, they were certainly "mutilated, obliterated, or destroyed". If deleting emails filed with the SOS is illegal, then that's good for 3 years in the pokey.

Next, under par. b, it is clear that HRC had custody of the records and again, destroyed them. If she is found guilty of par. b, she simply can't be president -- she couldn't be dog catcher. She'd be fully and finally retired.

Comment Re:Likely misdemeanor mishandling of classified in (Score 0) 434 434

The Rethuglikans are freaking out about Hillary. Absolutely losing their shit in a big way.

Let's be clear hear. HRC is a warmongering neo-con wallstreet cocksucker on the Democrat team. Some warmongering neo-con wallstreet cocksuckers on the Republican team hate her because she is on the other team.

I hate them all because they are war mongering neo-con wallstreet cocksuckers. I don't give a fuck about what team they're on -- I care about what they stand for.

Comment Obligatory (Score 5, Funny) 82 82

Enter Hungarian gentleman with phrase book. He is looking for the right phrase.
Hungarian I will not buy this record, it is scratched.
Tobacconist Sorry?
Hungarian I will not buy this record, it is scratched.
Tobacconist No, no, no.This ... tobacconist's.
Hungarian Ah! I will not buy this tobacconist's, it is scratched.
Tobacconist No, no, no, cigarettes?
Hungarian Yes, cigarettes. My hovercraft is full of eels.
Tobacconist What?
Hungarian (miming matches) My hovercraft is full of eels.
Tobacconist Matches, matches? (showing some)
Hungarian Yah, yah. (he takes cigarettes and matches and pulls out loose change; he consults his book) Er, do you want ... do you want to come back to my place, bouncy bouncy?
Tobacconist I don't think you're using that right.
Hungarian You great pouf.
Tobacconist That'll be six and six, please.
Hungarian If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me? I am no longer infected.
Tobacconist (miming that he wants to see the book; he takes the book) It costs six and six ...(mumbling as he searches) Costs six and six ... Here we are ... Yandelvayasna grldenwi stravenka.
        Hungarian hits him between the eyes. Policeman walking along the street suddenly stops and puts his hand to his ear. He starts running down the street, round corner and down another street, round yet another corner and down another street into the shop
Policeman What's going on here then?
Hungarian (opening book and pointing at tobacconist) You have beautiful thighs.
Policeman What?
Tobacconist He hit me.
Hungarian Drop your panties, Sir William, I cannot wait till lunchtime.
Policeman Right! (grabs him and drags him out)
Hungarian My nipples explode with delight.

Comment They are dead (Score 1) 70 70

The Gunmen briefly reappeared several months later, as ghosts with whom Mulder seemed to be able to communicate. The trio appeared to him alone, at the side of a road on the Texas-New Mexico border at approximately 5:07 a.m., while Mulder was urinating, having stopped off on the way to New Mexico. Apparently, the apparitions of the Lone Gunmen tried to dissuade Mulder from proceeding to New Mexico with Scully and continuing to search for the truth of colonization once there, but Mulder ignored their warnings and continued on his way. (TXF: "The Truth")

In the comic book adaptation of the series The X-Files Season 10â"which takes place after the events of The X-Files: I Want to Believeâ"it is revealed that the Lone Gunmen are alive and well, having faked their deaths during the events of "Jump the Shark". The group was aided by the FBI and have since been working underground, aiding the US government; for instance, Langly mentions that he was responsible for the Stuxnet virus in 2010. However, this retcon wouldn't make any sense at all since The Lone Gunmen showed themselves to Mulder as a ghost in the Truth.

It pissed me off when they killed the the lone gunmen off since it was a series I enjoyed. Having them show up as ghosts confirmed the deaths.

It's going to have to be an amazing explanation to explain the whole ghost bit.

I'll enjoy watching x-files again - but I'm flipping my middle finger at the idiots that think that this kind of retcon will relaunch the series.

Comment Sadly she won't (Score 4, Informative) 557 557

Because it is good advice for actual progress. Wu isn't a feminist, she's a professional victim. I mean that literally: She makes her money by whining about being victimized and guilting people in to donating to her pateron to fund her life. She's a developer in only the most basic sense. She has one product ever, a mobile game that is very poor quality. She has no track record for actually working to advance women's rights or gender equality. Her profession is literally being a victim.

So she has no interest in advice from actual successful women developers because she's not. Her issue isn't having lots of skill but being kept down because of gender, it is having minimal skills and then playing pretend about the source of her problems.

That's why she agreed to the Ask Slashdot. She wanted the "mean" questions she refused to answer because she can point to those as examples of "harassment" to further her cause. She's not stupid, she knew what she was doing.

However while she won't take your advice, hopefully other women will, because it is excellent.

Comment Re:Investigating if laws were broken (Score 1) 312 312

Ignorance of the law is not and has never been an excuse.

This is a legal principle that literally goes back to Greek antiquity.

How Heller-ishly convenient. There are so many criminal laws on the books, it is impossible to know them all (ask the ABA, they tried to simply count them, which is much less than _knowing_ them, and failed: ). And yet an individual person without ranks of lawyers to do the research, is presumed to know each and every one. This is extremely dangerous because it gives those in power the ability to lock up anyone they don't like, which means that an individual's freedom and liberty -- core American values right? -- are subject to the whim of any dickweed with a little power.

Comment Re:Uhmmmm (Score 1) 617 617

The walls and roof provide important environmental protection for the more modern (and thus more delicate) technology we also use. (They also provide a rudimentary defense against theft and sabotage.) The clothes are admittedly entirely optional (from a technical perspective.)

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