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+ - Ask Slashdot: Good Money Management Software with Phone Component?

Submitted by hejman08
hejman08 (2461596) writes "I am looking for a money-manager software that I can use to track my credit card, a joint checking account with my wife, and a few other accounts. Currently this is accomplished by a rudimentary spreadsheet I pulled out of an unmentioned orifice a few weeks ago that has frankensteined itself into a somewhat manageable workbook. It works for what I need it to, and with my Dropbox account, I can edit it both at work and at home. The thing is, I'd really like something that's a) a little more professional than an Excel file and b) able to be edited with my Android. For example, if I go to Chipotle right now, I have to take a receipt home and enter in the spreadsheet when I remember I have a backlog of 10+ receipts, but I'd like something that I can just pull out my phone, enter it in, and have it synced to software (be it browser or installation based) that I use at work and home. It would also be extremely helpful if it can categorize purchases, but in a way that if I don't like its category or want to change it, or to not "count" a transaction such as bank transfers, I have the control to customize that aspect of it. Bonus points if it can create pretty charts a la Excel. My question is, does the almighty Slashdot know of such a software, preferably no more than say, 30 bucks US?"

+ - Ask Slashdot: Unlimited Data Plan for Seniors? 1

Submitted by hejman08
hejman08 (2461596) writes "I am having an issue with my grandmother who, like many of us, has discovered the wonders one can experience by browsing the internet while pooping. She is on her own plan through Verizon with 1GB of data, and she literally blows through it in 3 days or less every month, then complains about having nothing to do. They have WiFi at her senior center, but only in specific rooms, and she has bad ankles and knees so she wants to stay home. Internet service would cost 80 a month to add where she lives. What I am wondering, is if any of the genius slashdotters out there know of a plan that- regardless of cost of phone, which we could manage as a gift to her, once- would allow her to have at least 300 minutes, 250 texts, and truly unlimited data (as in none of that Unlimited* stuff that is out there where they drop you to caveman speeds within a gig of usage), all for the price of less than say, 65 a month? The big 4 carriers don't seem to have anything that would work for her."

Comment: The unpopular opinion (Score 1) 588

by hejman08 (#47805743) Attached to: Low-Carb Diet Trumps Low-Fat Diet In Major New Study
There are several diets out there- particularly Keto, that people have had a lot of success with. In just 2 months I almost lost 30 pounds (call it water weight all you want) and it was a low carb, high fat diet. My bad cholesterol even went down a couple points, and I still feel like I have my muscles. There is a lot of research supporting this idea out there, if you realize that the FDA is probably bought out by people who make high-carb, high-profit foods.

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